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Rules and general guidelines

Rules for users

It is required for you to read the rules. This is a rule in itself, and if you did not read the rules before creating an account or posting, you will most likely be blocked permanently for wasting our time.

  1. Do not spam, shitpost, or provide useless answers. (If an attempt was made to produce a good answer, that is considered.)
  2. Do not self-promote, solicit, or conduct business on the site.
  3. Do not request or source child pornography.
  4. Do not flame other users.
  5. Do not create sockpuppet accounts in order to evade blocks and break the rules.
  6. Questions must be questions, answers must be answers, and relevant information to a question or answer is a comment. If your post doesn't fit as a question, answer, or relevant comment, then don't post it.
  7. If you have been blocked before and you continue to disobey the rules, you are at high risk for a permanent block.

Guidelines for users

If you want to get the most out of using this site, you are encouraged to follow these guidelines. You might want to read how to write a good question. Showing awareness of this advice will help you get good answers more quickly.

  1. Ask your question in the search bar on the top of the page and on your favourite search engine first.
  2. This is an anonymous site, and nobody is interested in your personal information such as E-mail address, phone number, or Facebook profile. Don't post it.
  3. Hidden Answers is not a market. Don't try to sell stuff here, don't try to buy stuff.
  4. Ask questions that can be meaningfully answered.
  5. Everyone is allowed to bring up topics they're interested in. If you don't like a topic, ignore it.
  6. If people are getting angry with your posts or telling you to stop on a forum where even murderers, criminals and fraudsters are allowed, you need to take a long, hard look at what you are posting.
  7. Don't post wild and unfounded accusations. If you make a big claim without supplying any evidence then any user may reject that claim without evidence. Posts which make unevidenced claims may be removed at admins' discretion.
  8. Please listen to advice given by admins and mods. We're not too evil. We have a lot of experience and our advice is in your interests, especially when this advice is security related. Click here to see everyone on the moderation team!
  9. Free speech is welcome, but questions and answers must still abide by our site rules to maintain the site's quality. We aren't censors, but we do want to keep this site easy to navigate and reputable.
  10. You are responsible for yourself on here. Hidden Answers, its admins and userbase do not verify any content, advertisments, information or claims so you must do your own research.

Guidelines for moderation

  1. Try to post on a user's wall why they are blocked or why their post was hidden.
  2. Provide meaningful question close reasons, or provide an explanation as to what edits you made to a post.

Why questions are closed

  1. An answer was accepted as best.
  2. The question has already been asked.
  3. The question is receiving too many low-quality answers.
  4. The question is against the rules.

Why questions are recategorised

  1. The question belongs in the other category (obviously).

Why posts are edited

  1. To remove unsolicited contact information that has nothing to do with the question/answer/comment.
  2. To remove rulebreaking content (illegal links, self-promotion).
  3. To clarify the post (grammatical, spelling, and style corrections).

Why posts are hidden

  1. When removing certain rulebreaking/unsolicited information from the post is impossible.
  2. For extremely repetitive questions.
  3. For extremely dumb answers.
  4. When a post is nothing but flaming, shitposting, or spam.

Why answers are moved to comments

  1. The answer is not an answer, it's a comment.