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Write objects in a paper, then problems in another paper. Pick a number and look at your lists and try to imagine how could that problem be solved with that object, you could also deconstruct that object to change it and create a new one. This exercise will help you to create new associations between two things that seems to have nothing in common.

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Regular periods of creative exploration where there are no right or wrong answers. It's like a muscle - your creativity will improve with repetition. Meditation, exercise, and psychedelic drugs can also boost your creativity.

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Mental visualization exercises and drawing.

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That's something I've been asking myself for quite some time, too.

My greatest source for creativity is 'consuming' really good and unique art like the band Daughters for example or paintings from Beksinski. There are infinite great artist all over the world and it is worth your time looking into something beyond your own region or the US.

I think the creative state is something close to sleeping. You probably know that feeling when you wake up after a very vivid dream, remembering it entirely and you think: 'this would make a crazy good film.'. That's why Salvador Dali used to stay awake for a long time until he got sleepy as hell, sit in front of a table with a piece of paper and a pen and then try to fall asleep while sitting, holding a spoon in his hand. When he fell asleep, the spoon would fall to the ground and wake him up by the sound. He then quickly scribbled down what he saw in his dreamy state. I basically do a similar thing, whenever I need an idea for music. I just lay down in my bed or wherever I am and wait...

After my entire life of doing creative stuff on a daily basis, I found that creative ideas are not really created by the artist but rather taken and used. Whenever huge hypes come up in society like triangles throughout the entire 2010s, it is never the case that a single person comes up with it and every body else just copies it from that creator, like often stated by critical people. It usually happens that many people have the same idea and start doing it before even knowing someone else is about to release the same thing. That is because ideas are not created by people, they are already there, we just take them. The word 'creativity' doesn't really fit for what is tried to describe with it. I know it's a hard pill to swallow but once we detach us from that egoistic point of view that our creative ideas belong to us and we are like a godly creator in that way, we are ready to reach into the unknown territory and take those ideas at will.

... So I wait for the ideas to get zapped into my head, not trying to think of anything particular. It always works.

I am currently reading a book by the director Andrej Tarkowski, called 'Sculpting in Time' which is like a revelation to me right now. It is the first time I ever experience someone being able to describe art for what it really is, detached from political statements and moral values or from technical aspects of craftsmanship. This book catapulted me like five steps further as an artist within it's first chapter. I recommend Sculpting in Time to anyone who is trying to develop as an artist.

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Exersize, read as many non fiction and fiction books as you can pee day, think about mathematical concepts learn to understand them, tauntologies, and more, you can research the rest. Your IQ depends yous brains plasticity, critical thinking, analogical thinking, all of which can be improving in many ways to create an exponential cycle; most importantly believe because that alone increase your IQ. Ask many questions, question everything, think before you speak, read about philosophy, learn computer languages to think effectively, etc , sometimes one needs to boost all parts at once, and gain enough of the prices of the puzzle which is life and existence to exponentially put the prices together. Anything is possible, literally, never believe something is correct before you can prove that thing is to the best of your ability correct, still never believe it until you achieve a philosophical theory of everything. Has your brain ever hurt in the way your awareness would expand if it kept hurting that way, keep doing that but remember to always mix up the physical exersize everyday cardio. I forget the rest more to add tomorrow maybe.

Another exersize it to try to think of every possibility always when thinking about something along with every why.
The brain is like a muscle, use it, gain it, or lose it in my experience.

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jerk off early morning and before sleeping

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bullshit, if you wanna improve your creativity you should try no fap, it's not gonna work for everyone but beating your meat twice a day is gonna kill (espcieally if you watch porn)

I second that

Well, I disagree. I felt refreshed and ready to work after a good fap. Maybe the reason is not to masturbate to porn which in itself is addictive and somehow destructive to your brain? I fapped to memory and it seemed to work for me.