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I dont know why, I think It would be nice if a female rape me, its like a fantasy...
What should I do?
Am I crazy or its just a normal to think for a virgin 24 year old?

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You want to be raped? Well... that's not quite how rape works...

I don't want to get raped by female......is it working yet ?

same bro lol i think it would be awesome xD

3 Answers

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You don't want to get raped by a female, you want to get laid without making any effort or being responsible for potential consequences. Yes, that's pretty common, and also highly unlikely to happen. If you can't be bothered to build a connection, use a prostitute, that's what they are for.

answered ago by Vanguard (33,525 points)  
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Honestly I think you just wanna have sex in general - feel up' a lady so to speak.
I also suppose that you being a virgin is involuntary celibacy and that sexual frustration of yours is cooking up some degenerate fantasies.
And just a theory here as to why this specific fantasy - your anger and desperate desire of wanting sex is contradicted by your mind in such a way that these feelings are embodied in your fantasy female, wanting to rape you.

As to what you should do - get yourself out there (well, after this goddamned pandemic) and try to find some women, be social, go to social gatherings, clubs, pubs, bars, you name it, or if you prefer being lazy and turning to decadence, as someone mentioned; a prostitue. Just try and do what you can before your frustration boils over and your fantasy starts going the other way.....

answered ago by Veteran (6,235 points)  
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Sounds fun but the longer the woman forces you in bed. Your dick will feel swelling crazy like wanna explode.

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