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asked ago in Food and cooking by Vanguard (32,900 points)  

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Bat ... cough ... cough

answered ago by N00b 101 (50 points)  
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hard to say......

over the course of my travels, i've eaten damn near everything that flies, crawls, walks, swims, slithers or hops.... some of it has been incredibly bizarre.

had a bowl of stew once that was just about the best damn thing i've ever eaten..... until i learned it was puppy.... i still can't look my dog in the eye without feeling guilt and shame about that, lol

the monkey was funky, the almost viable duck embryos w/feathers wasn't much to my liking either, haggis still turns my stomach (no pun intended) lol.... cat was greasy as fuck..... crickets and ants were crunchy but didn't really have much flavor at all... moose burgers are great, elk roast is still one of my favorites, but don't care much for bear, coon or possum (just too oily/greasy/funky).... squirrel isn't bad, but it's hard to get passed the 'rat-look' when one is on your plate.... fried frog legs do sort of taste like chicken, and so does rattlesnake, lol...

guinea pig stew in south america that wasn't bad, but i think that was because of the broth/vegetables/seasonings.... it just bothered me that the one i was petting and playing round with just a few hours earlier, ended up on my plate.....

hard to say bro.... when you've eaten so many strange and at times, discomforting regional dishes, it's more difficult than i thought, to pick just one and label it 'exotic'

answered ago by Senpai (172,245 points)  
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Probably dragonfruit

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Octopus was pretty strange. I don't think I'd ever eat it again.

answered ago by Executive (26,610 points)  
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my family its not a major fans of exotic food
but sometimes we like to try to eat different things. the most exotic thing that i ever eat was snake meat, i loved, for me kinda tasted like an chicken.

and fried Octopus.. i personally liked since i used to eat a lot of japanese/korean foods.

answered ago by Novice (1,830 points)  
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Bugs at a Korean restaurant. They were kind of like big earthy tasting beetles in a big bowl with that spicy red sauce that Koreans put on everything.

I won't be eating that again, given the choice.

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My Uncle a few years ago gave me some meat that looked like chicken and it wasn't much it was cut up in little strips and i ate it with mayonnaise. He told me after it was pigeon. It was yum. I'll never eat it again!!

answered ago by Novice (1,675 points)  
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Had dog once. It was really, really really really good.

answered ago by N00b 101 (40 points)  
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I once given a cheese burger to a begger who hasnt eat anything since 5 days , I dont know about other, he has the most exotic food which is just a normal meal for us.

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I had escargot once, which is basically snail. Kinda gross but interesting, and I'm glad I tried if only to say that I have.

answered ago by N00b 3.0 (670 points)