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i would recommend Krav Maga or ju jitsu.

Krav Maga basically conglomerates the most useful things from a bunch other martial arts such as wing chun, mauy thai and ju jitsu. It is the style of fighting that the Israeli military uses.
With it you will learn everything from sparing, grappling, escaping holds and even defending from multiple opponents. It even goes over disarming opponents that have knives or guns.

I think there is something valuable to learn from every martial art style, however, i think some styles are definitely dated. Things like taekwondo are great, but from experience i feel you wast a lot of time with katas. While Krav Maga wastes no time.

boxing, kick boxing, muay tai, with either ju jistu or wrestling. stay away from karate or other un practical forms of fighting. When learning new moves think about the practicality of it in a fight. im also a fan of learning a striking art and a grappling art to cover your bases. if forced to choose a martial art i would say mauy tai would be the most useful.

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Try Kalaripayattu , its the most ancient martial art form.
else you can learn wing chun, mauy thai or krav maga...

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If you're new to martial arts you can start with something basic like karate or taekwondo. Each martial art form has its own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. You should consider making your choice based on your personality and what you want to accomplish. Some popular forms are brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai, judo, krav maga, and wing chun.

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it's hard to answer this question, when we have no idea what you're hoping to gain from the instruction.... what are you hoping to achieve via martial arts?

pretty much any structured courses in any legitimate martial art would be fine if you're hoping to learn more discipline, endurance, flexibility and self defense.... so again, what specifically are you wanting to get from it?

are you looking to be a badass on the street?.... re-shoot the old 'kung-fu' tv series?.... live out the 'kill bill' dream?... compete in the Olympics?.... what?

i've been a practitioner of krav-maga for many years, so i'm obviously an advocate for that style, but others want something more structured and appropriate for competitions/tournaments... others just want to get in shape and learn how to properly throw and defend a strike.

can't answer, because i don't know what you want from it..... maybe you can edit this question, expand upon it a little bit... that would help make it possible to offer you a meaningful answer

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