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Well, tor is all about encryption and nodes. Its well secured when come to anonimity assuming you dont use tor to login to ur facebook or gmail which belong to your real identity.

For, regular purpose, U can try using a VPN which will be cheaper than a Tor router, but again its all depends on the purpose why you want it.
I would suggest you to buy a resbarry pi and make a DIY tor router with it.

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Using hardware isolation strengthens your security. It's a step further than virtual isolation that you see in Whonix, which uses two VMs: one that functions as a Tor gateway and another as a workstation. If your workstation is compromised, the attacker would also have to compromise the gateway to cause an IP leak. This assumes that you have properly configured your connection and are forcing all workstation traffic through the gateway device, which in turn forces all traffic through Tor. It's as simple as a few iptables rules. Whonix comes configured out of the box, but the physical hardware isolation will require some effort on your end.

As anonymous suggested, you can buy a Raspberry Pi and set it up as your own personal Tor router. It's very easy and will also allow you to operate a Tor relay or bridge. This will contribute to the Tor network and conceal your activity by mixing it with all the other traffic you're routing.

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