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am gonna try to make this quick simple and understandable. so this script contains 5 characters they are all teens from the age 16 to 18. and this 5 are best friends. they like to hang out every day and shit normal teen stuff. but one of the kids has a problem his dad is abusive and the cops wont do anything about it. well because the dad is the towns sheriff. now this teens decide to come up with a plan to kill the dad and get away with it completely. now i will give you character descriptions 2 of them will be girls and the rest will be guys. if you have a better scenario with the genders changed or anything i will accept it) my idea was for this to go down in a small town and once again if you have a better idea you can make it a big city i do not mind at all.( this is for something me and my friend been working we have done bunch of scripts and turned them into short 30-40min movies and got about 6-10 mil views on YouTube but we never crossed a path with writing a murder script so any tips will be helpful) so how would you do this if you where in this situation and you might need this info or not but the kid who is getting abused his mothers passed away a long time ago so its just him and his dad. thank you anything will be appreciated i feel like this a good place to get some good replies comments and improvements on the story

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he can get his hands on some HCL (hydrochloric acid) and put a few millilitres in his dad's opened beer bottle, but it must be a glass container beer otherwise it will melt since it melts absolutely everything it comes to contact with, even bones, metal, iron, so once his fucking dad takes a few sips of that shit it will destroy his digestive tract causing his organs to melt and lastly resulting in a horrible death, but he must make sure to wear gloves before he puts the stuff in the beer in order not to leave prints and also the kid must get rid of all the evidence of the acquired HCL otherwise it could link him to it causing the police to cage his sorry ass

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I am writing some psychotic stories cause I might want to be a psychopath when I grow up. I am just joking. (?) Anyways, I realized that many murderers have something that scarred them, therefore making them what they are. And as you say the kid was/is abused? So maybe he could start small. He could or do something illegal. Then he gets caught. He gets beaten hard by his father and goes mad. He stops crying and just look at his father coldly.

Kid says something

Father tries to hit him, but he knocks his father out wth a bat or something. idk.

and then drags him into a coffin and buries his father alive.

his friends see what he is doing, and then approaches him. and then he takes his father's gun and shoots one of them. and then tell the rest to bury both of them

IDK. Something something. Tell me when u fiished the video though.

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yeah something like that would work. will definitely update you ones we are done with all this thanks for the replay