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Lets say you have confidential information that could kill you and also others when revealed.

Whoom would you trust?

Would you talk to your wife / man / best friend, about it ?

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the answer for me is simple-- if i don;t have to im not talking to anyone about this. if telling someone could potentially result in myself getting killed i wouldn't tell anyone unless necessary.

benefits of telling someone:
-it might make me feel a bit better for a while

downsides of telling someone:
people can die

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What would make this necessary?

if something worse would happen if i didnt tell someone

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No one. If I thought it worth disclosing, I'd anonymously leak it to get it off my chest--can't have that following my real identity.

answered ago by Novice (1,735 points)  

Would it be worth disclosing / getting it of your chest anonymously, even if people would die?

Shit I forgot to reply to this.

Well, it really depends. In your question, you phrased it as "could kill you and also others when revealed" but here you're phrasing it as "people would die." With that said, I'll put myself in a few situations to add nuance that I perhaps should have added in my original question.

Let's say I was alive well before the Iraq war started and I had information that would prove that the U.S. was invading Iraq on false pretenses. Given the Iraq war has killed hundreds of thousands to possibly low millions of innocent people, I think I would have to reveal the above information--even if it meant my death and the death of the people who leaked such information to me. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands would die, like they did in this timeline.

Now, let's say I was given confidential information about something that someone was planning that would result in mere monetary stealing. Let's say a mob boss is planning to steal $100,000,000 from some community--if he doesn't get the money a bomb is set to go off in town square. In this case, I wouldn't leak the information.

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Very simple. Trust nobody. The alternative is that your indiscretion gets you and/or others killed. If you feel a sense of responsibility to share the information, like if it's for the public good, you can leak it anonymously with indisputable evidence.

answered ago by Executive (26,450 points)  

Where would you leak the information and how would you do that?

If you want to share the information with journalists you can use one or more of the SecureDrop links at the following URL. As I said in my answer, make sure whatever you share is indisputable. You should also consider whether the documents can be traced back to you and take the proper OPSEC measures to protect yourself. http://onions53ehmf4q75.onion/

How would you create a "dead man's switch" and where would you upload it?

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I only trust in my dog.

answered ago by N00b 101 (20 points)  
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Just setup a system, that when something happens to you it will automatically leaks, like creating a secret message and give password toh someone and tell him only open when you die, or maybe put write the thing in a your secret diary so if someone happens to you and someone go through your diary they know the find.

Dont tell your wife or any man, you can tell your best friends , I guess like if he really a best friend and trust worthy.

One thing to remember , "you dont know what people you trust would do if someone put them in position where they think they dont have a choice" .

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If you talk to anyone else, that's a guaranteed fail. People hear interesting things... they repeat them, probably to people they trust, but you might not know those people so they are untrustworthy.

Consider why you would want to discuss the information. Is it strategic or just for your ego? This is what determines whether it should be discussed or not.

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What if "the information that could kill you and also others when revealed" actually kills people if kept secret ???
The longer hidden, the more people killed.
What would you do then?
Talk, I suppose. I hope so.

I don't see the point of spreading an "information that could kill you and also others when revealed" if it doesn't harm anyone when kept secret. It's called being idiotic.

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Talk to everybody, change your stories each times and nobody will trust you.
Your secret will be kept by the credulty.

"The bigger secrets are hidden by people credulty" -Georges W. Bush.

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Talk to everybody, change your stories each times and nobody will trust you.
Meanstream medias in one sentence?

Your secret will be kept by the credulity.
War by way of deception for beginners?

"The bigger secrets are hidden by people credulity" -Georges W. Bush.
The secret life and thoughts of a psychopath?

“Our politics, economics, advertising and religions (New and Old) are awash in credulity.
Those who have something to sell, those who wish to influence public opinion, those in power, a skeptic might suggest, have a vested interest in discouraging skepticism,”
C. Sagan, astrophysicist

"There are new words now that excuse everybody.
Give me the good old days of heroes and villains, the people you can bravo or hiss.
There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch."

Bette Davis

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The best way to keep a secret is to make sure nobody knows that you have the knowledge in the first place. That said, do not talk to anyone about it. If it causes only harm when revealed, that is.

If we're talking about a secret that could kill innocent people when you choose to keep it hidden, then think of something. Write an anonymous note to the nearest authority figure capable of stopping it. Make sure not to have any traces of DNA on it, disassemble the pen you used to write it with and throw it in different trashcans, all in a different vicinity from one another so it is difficult to pinpoint where you might life judging from the locations of said trashcans. If it is really that dangerous, then aim for the closest you can get to leaving behind an absolute 0% of evidence.

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Some honest advice from real life experience: don't tell anyone!

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Look at it this way, secrets are something that was shared with you because they trust you with this information. They might not trust another living soul with this information and you need to never break that trust bond if you value that person or what they stand for. In this particular instance, disclosing information that could result in bodily harm is always a bad idea, UNLESS it pertains to something that could result in bodily harm to others (I guess like a terrorist plot or something). Good policy is to just bottle everything up and hope that doesn't kill you first

answered ago by N00b 101 (190 points)