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Edit by g-g since half of you have reading comprehension problems: they are asking how to have a more lighthearted attitude towards life, not how to kill themselves.

Thanks, please go read a book.

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dont do it bud. there is no easy way out

meditation helps a lot, also exercising regularly. sounds really cliche but it does actually work.

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Hey man, I know sometimes life sucks and the only thing you want is to kill yourself, but this is not an option. What helped me is to start to replace negative things from my life. For instance, some students in my school bullied me. So I started to disrespect them to show that I am not under their "dominance". I also changed my clothing style, appreciate the little things more and gain respect. i can really recommend the philosophy of hedonism, where you try to enjoy the moments. Some YouTube channels who helped me were "Einzelgänger" and "the school of life", which do philosophy videos and help you when you are down.

I hope this will help you to be happier in life :)

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Something that makes life easier is if you have knowledge and skills. They do not guarantee to make your life easy, but at least they give you a chance.

I have some knowledge and skills. It has probably made my life easier but life is still hard. The best thing you can do is learn things and try things.

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youre worth so much more alive. stay strong, people that dont know you (like me) want you here.

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Probably some sort of prescription drugs. Or heroine overdose or smth. Or the best option: Have a happy and long life and die surrounded by your loved ones, knowing that you will be cherished in their memories for time to come.

But listen to this first. Go to a mirror. Have a conversation with the person in the mirror. Reflect and be honest.

We all have our baggage, our demons under the bed, skeletons in the closet.
Think of what is making you feel bad and what you can do about it. You didn't really specify the reason why you are feeling this way. I think you should tell us, you're anon anyway. You'd be surprised how much it can help pouring your heart out. People here are great - you will get good advise and soothing words.

Chances of you, me or anyone existing are fucking minimal. You have been dead for billions of years and you will be dead for billions more. This tiny window, a glimpse into the miracle of life is a gift that should not be wasted in vain. This planet is unique, beautiful and so full of life and extraordinary experiences, amazing people, delicious cuisines, beautiful music, views that take your breath away and so so so so much more. Whether it's thanks to God, Physics and Evolution or some alien race running us in a simulation, doesn't matter, it doesn't make it any less amazing.

I don't think you want to die. It's not that hard to figure out a way to kill yourself, you don't need to ask a deepweb forum about it. If all hope is truly lost, then I don't know what to say or do. But if there is even a shred of will to live, cling onto it with all your might. And I believe there is, that's why you are here and not in a grave already.

Go in front of that mirror and tell yourself, scream at yourself that you want to live, right now. Listen to music. Cry your eyes out. Go run until you can't run anymore, until you puke and fall over. Learn to lose, because otherwise you won't learn how to win.

No one else matters in your life but you. Not saying that you should be a dick to people and never fall in love, but if someone mistreats you in any way, even if it is your family, tell them to go fuck themselves. No one has the right to hurt you, no one has the right to do anything to you.

I don't know what has gotten you to think this way - but believe me there is so much to life. I have been where you are, thinking I have no options. But I carried on. One step after another. And then I left my city, my country, my family and my friends and so many years have gone by and I have still no will to return. Traveled the world, met so many amazing people, had so many incredible experiences. And could not be happier, truly. Things can change. You can do it. Maybe traveling is not your thing, but something is. Find it. Music, acting, cooking, charity, working with animals, whatever makes you feel good.

But there is thing about traveling, my biggest revelation that I want to share with you. I thought that leaving would also leave my worries and negative thoughts behind. It did not. Those demons will follow you until the end, unless you face them. And it's not nice facing them, but once it's done, it's done. You will need to work actively on yourself to achieve happiness. You will have to be brave to face your true self. But once you get there, once the demons are gone, happiness will be the new norm. Just like the pain you feel right now, you will enjoy everything to the fullest. Imagine that feeling, enjoying everything, being drunk on life itself, how good would that feel? YOU CAN FUCKING DO IT.

Things will get better. I promise. You're not ready to leave and you don't want to. Live an amazing life, so at the end you can close your eyes, see your life flashing by and fall into the unknown darkness forever with smile on your face, happy. But not now, not like this. The unknown can wait for you a while longer.

The easy way out is to let go of your worries. Not to forget them or to "try and just be happy" and this bs, but to understand where your feelings stem from. Nothing matters, not really. We will all die. So why not tell everyone who deserves it to go fuck themselves and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

P.S I'm serious about "tell us more" part. You're here already, just go. It's just an anonymous forum in Tor.

P.P.S This song works for me when I feel down. It is a clearnet link to youtube fyi. The video is adorable. Listen to the lyrics.


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Start working out and Get to know Jesus more :)

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You need to learn some philosophy , life is meaningless just have fun, eat food have good drinks, get some prostitutes and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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I guess I'll offer my own words of encouragement. So, you have to be experiencing some level of pain in your life, no? This pain in your life could be simple, or it could be an absurdly unique situation--I couldn't know. What I've learned to do myself is laughing at my own bad situations. Not because I like them, per se, but because they have some absurd details that no one would believe if I told them. I'd also, from experience, would like to tell you to try to detach yourself from what others may think about you. Of course, you probably can't do that with everyone (you have to be seen as useful in the eye's of an employer, for example) but you can, in general, do that with most people. Like me, there might be few if any people you think you can relate to. You might be thinking it could be weeks, month, or even many years before you could find someone. And you know what, that's fine. You wanna know why? We live in an era where almost anyone who really wants to can talk about their thoughts and feelings without having it bite back to their real identity. Think about all of the men and women 200 years ago who would get beheaded if they talked about something as simple as who they liked! That still happens in some countries today! Would you have posted the above question if you had to go by your real name and post your face? I know I certainly would feel much more repressed if I had to say some of the things I have said here and on some imageboards if it had to come back to my name and face. That's the glory of anonymity! Sure, you might get some asshole feedback here and there, but is it any worse than what you would get talking about your feelings in real life? I'd really be surprised if you said yes. So, be more at peace. Here and now, you have an unprecedented level of support and freedom. Cherish it!

EDIT: Removed irrelevant references to suicide.

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What suicide methods? They're asking how to take life easy, what the hell are you talking about?

"any advices to take life the easiest way"
I misread it as "take my life" and since someone had already commented it under it saying "dont do it bud" that must've reinforced my thought. Your clarification makes sense given "and not being always pessimist." I'm really sorry about that--I'll edit this answer.

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Try to understand yourself and the "why" you are being a pessimist, why you cherish sadness instead of the beautiful things and learnings you can gather from living life. Sometimes it'd be bitter but if you understand how that bitterness is made, how it got built into what it is, then you hacked life.

For me this understanding came after feeling deeply depressed, exhausted from being sad, then I tried to understand it, to solve this puzzle.

I would love to hand you the answer but it's something that only you could achieve by yourself. Once you unlock this life becomes so simple, people became so lovely and you start to get more knowledge about everything, it's like changing a chip inside your mind and also changing your eyes.

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