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I know this seems stupid, but I'm out for blood. Someone used my debit card to purchase a macbook pro, and made my wife and I lose our house(we are currently buying). I'm trying to find out the best way to track them down to get what I want out of them. They also were going to have it shipped to my address...so I'm nervous that they know where I live and would try to find us.

asked ago in Scams and scammers by N00b 101 (30 points)  

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Obtain the IP address they used to make the order and see where it leads. If they're smart they used a proxy so it will be a dead end. You can also involve your local police department since they have more resources and expertise in this area. I highly advise against exacting revenge beyond doing what you can to ensure that they face the criminal justice system.

answered ago by Executive (26,610 points)