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This one's plain curiosity on my part. Feel free to elaborate--and if you don't like labels you can just describe your core values. For me:
Ideology - Mutualism
Core Values - Anti-interventionism, anti-surveillance, free speech absolutism, environmentalism (particularly against animal agriculture), right of the citizenry to arm itself, anti-"mega mergers," worker's rights, right to basic necessities in spite of who you are, generally against the existence of the state and want everyone to have some means of production--without having to collectivize it.

Stalinism/Maoism (0 votes)
National Bolshevism (0 votes)
Nationalism (1 vote, 7%)
Trotskyism (0 votes)
Democratic Socialism (1 vote, 7%)
Social Democracy (1 vote, 7%)
Neoliberalism (0 votes)
Neoconservatism (0 votes)
Paleoconservatism (0 votes)
Libertarian Socialism (0 votes)
Libertarianism (Center) (0 votes)
Libertarian Capitalism (1 vote, 7%)
Anarcho-communism (0 votes)
Mutualism (1 vote, 7%)
Geo-anarchism (0 votes)
Anarcho-capitalism (0 votes)
Other (5 votes, 36%)
Don't like labels (4 votes, 29%)
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Democratic Socialism

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it is cruel
it is shocking
it is devestating

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I live in contradiction and that's something interesting for me.

I'd like to see society as a collective system. A living being, with its head, its hands, its feet, its lungs, its stomach. Every part is important and the goal is the evolution and preservation of this being. Every person acting as a cell executing its role (what they do best) for the function of the whole society in the same way our cells work to keep us alive. You could say this is a bit Confucian. I don't believe individuality could lead us to a good place since an isolated unit can't be more than that.

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You are talking about ants.

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Family and friendsism (and fuck everyone else!)

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Tibetan buddhism of the kagyu school. Politics are too tinted and slow in progress for me.

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Anarcho Communism

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Me? Anarchy

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Christian Nationalism

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Could someone explain how "anarcho-communism" can actually be an option at all?



How do you merge the rejection of any form of authority with a totalitarian regime where the state embodies a religious god-like figure?

Maybe idiocracy should have been an option in the list too.

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Hidden Answers is anarcho communism. It is a community of anarchists where the members are rejecting any form of authority while the admins are the religious god like totalitarian figures rejecting anybody opposing them.

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I think I'd have to go with libertarian capitalist, or something along those lines.

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Science Fiction

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