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sharks have 2 dicks

Over the Years man has used water in many ways to make his life on Earth more productive‍. Why not‍, now‍, use water as fuel to power our cars‍, heat our homes‍, and fly our planes? After all‍, the energy contained in a gallon of water exceeds 2‍.‍5 million barrels of oil when equated in terms of atomic energy‍. Water‍, of course‍, is free‍, abundant‍, and energy recyclable‍.

The Hydrogen Fracturing Process dissociates the water molecule by way of voltage stimulation‍, ionises the combustible gases by electron ejection and‍, then‍, prevents the formation of the water molecule during thermal gas ignition‍, releasing thermal explosive energy beyond "‍normal‍" gas burning levels under control state‍, and the atomic energy process on demand is environmentally safe‍. WATER FUEL CELL Meets All Energy Needs‍.

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every year on average a person swallows 7 spiders in their sleep.

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Ah shit I've heard that before. Now you're gonna get that fact stuck in my head.

I actually believe this...

this actually was disproven. you can look it up.

I call fake news. spiders don't like to get close to people. Also there must be some kind reflex that prevents us from swallowing solid objects in our sleep.

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A wood chuck would chuck as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

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Chuck Norris would chuck all the wood--and could.

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fact - a lot of information i lost in communication daily.

When people have an idea in their head and they want to transfer it to someone else through speech the brain compresses that information to make it easier and less time to send it but it loses a lot of information.
(there is a meme that says "what i want to say and what i actually say")
then the de-compressor of other people decompresses it in their own way, that de-compressor of people is based on the environment they come from and everyone's is build different. so in the end you communicate all day with people and you will never know that everything you said is understood EXACTLY on what you meant. that's why the technology of neuralink that musk was talking about in the second podcast with Joe Rogan is very important.

An example could be this.
You go to the amazon and find people dancing around a fire, you see a kid that wears 3 skulls and you ask him "doesn't it bother you to wear those 3 skulls?" and the kid answers "yeah it bothers me".. now you go home and you think those people are forcing the kid to wear skulls and its bad because it bothers the kid and he doesn't want to. but the kid really meant that hes brother has 8 of them that's why it bothers him that he only has 3. now this might seem that its not a big deal but in reality is vital for truth.

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Nice question.

An interesting fact to me would be the recent history of the Yanomami people from the Amazon:

The Yanomami first came into sustained contact with outsiders in the 1940s when the Brazilian government sent teams to delimit the frontier with Venezuela.

Soon the government’s Indian Protection Service and religious missionary groups established themselves there. This influx of people led to the first epidemics of measles and flu in which many Yanomami died.

In the early 1970s the military government decided to build a road through the Amazon along the northern frontier. With no prior warning bulldozers drove through the community of Opiktheri. Two villages were wiped out.

The Yanomami continue to suffer from the devastating and lasting impacts of the road which brought in colonists, diseases and alcohol. Today cattle ranchers and colonists use the road as an access point to invade and deforest the Yanomami area.
The gold rush and genocide

During the 1980s, the Yanomami suffered immensely when up to 40,000 Brazilian gold-miners invaded their land. The miners shot them, destroyed many villages, and exposed them to diseases to which they had no immunity. Twenty percent of the Yanomami died in just seven years.

After a long international campaign led by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Survival and the CCPY (Pro Yanomami Commission), Yanomami land in Brazil was finally demarcated as the ‘Yanomami Park’ in 1992 and the miners expelled.

However, after the demarcation gold-miners returned to the area, causing tensions. In 1993, a group of miners entered the village of Haximú and murdered 16 Yanomami including a baby.

After a national and international outcry, a Brazilian court found five miners guilty of genocide. Two are serving jail sentences whilst the others escaped.

This is one of the few cases anywhere in the world where a court has convicted people in cases of atrocities committed against natives.

The gold mining invasion of Yanomami land continues. The situation is Venezuela is very serious, and Yanomami have been poisoned and exposed to violent attacks for several years. The authorities have done little to resolve these problems.

Natives in Brazil still do not have proper ownership rights over their land – the government refuses to recognize tribal land ownership, despite having signed the international law (ILO Convention 169) guaranteeing it. Moreover, many figures within the Brazilian establishment would like to see the Yanomami area reduced in size and opened up to mining, ranching and colonization.

To make things even worse, the Brazilian army has built barracks in the Yanomami heartlands, which has increased tensions. Soldiers have prostituted Yanomami women, some of whom have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Blessed be the courageous Native People who have survived centuries of brutal oppression and still strive today.
May they be left in peace very soon, respected in their physical and spiritual integrity.

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There has never been any accusation of rape against Assange.
Only a request to take an HIV test.

The swedish legal jargon weirdly refers to a non protected sexual relation as "little rape".
This very term used in the context of Swedish legal procedures doesn't involve any non consensual act, coercive or abusive behavior.
It has been coined and used by filthy medias to depict a completely different story than the real one (character assassination) and by the Swedish legal system, under US pressure, to keep Assange jailed in the embassy for years.

Check for yourselves, the Swedish legal docs are available on the web after request from an Italian journalist.

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It's just fucking insane how corrupt judicial systems and corrupt governments can just blatantly lie in front of everyone's face. They should all be executed for crimes against humanity.

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Martin Gottesfeld is currently in prison for having helped a girl named Justina, tortured and held against her will in a hospital in Boston, to be freed and returned home.

Marty is a human rights activist and alleged Anonymous hacker.

A December 2013 in-depth investigation of Justina’s case by the Boston Globe found that:

  • in the previous 18 months, at least 5 children had been placed in the states custody against their will, following a medical misdiagnosis.
  • "parentectomy" was the nickname used by some hospital personnel for such custody battles, occurring at other hospitals too.
  • more than 95 children had died in state custody in the previous year.
  • much more disturbing data has been revealed during the investigation.

Justina publicly thanked Marty for his help.

None of this didn't prevent crooked Carmen Ortiz’s to charge Marty and incarcerate him.

The same people who caused the death of Internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz alleged that Marty conspired and committed acts of felony.
Translate this into:
organizing a digital protest against Boston Children’s Hospital to stop the torture and save the life of Justina Pelletier.
This while a national campaign was underway to return Justina Pelletier and her medical decisions to her parents.

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And all the others.

Support Martin and all the others:
Sending books, letters, and photos to inmates:

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Lauri Love endured a four-year-long battle against extradition to the United States.

Three judicial districts in the United States initiated extradition proceedings against him, alleging Lauri had been part of the series of online protests that followed the death of Aaron Swartz. Many think Aaron Swartz has been murdered, including Swartz’s father who made such claim at his son’s funeral.

So to sum up, people are persecuted by the US department of injustice because they organize to protest murders committed by the same US department of injustice.

I think this actually has a name:
brutal totalitarianism

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cyanide smells like almonds

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Yeah I think that's because almonds have a much higher cyanide concentration that most foods.