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Last year, I met with a terrible thing. I heard a voice tormenting me all the time, asking me if I know someone. If I don't pay attention to it, it will read my previous thoughts and lead my thinking. At first, I was prevented from sleeping for three or four days by accelerating my heart rate, and then I was only allowed to sleep for two or three hours a day for several months. Now I think my dream is under control, and I am awakened by the problem every time when I sleep in a light sleep. The summary is that it can read my thinking, talk with me, interfere with my sympathetic nerves, and guide my dream。I don't know how to do it, I can only state what happened to me. Please tell me how and why.

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I struggle to see how is this science and math related.

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of course "the voice" is able to "read your thinking, talk with you, etc"... that's because it's you, you are talking with yourself, reading your own thoughts, etc.

i'm less bothered/concerned by the symptoms you're describing, than i am by your inability to see or even consider the obvious solution that's staring everyone else in the face, which is.....

you need to make an appointment with a qualified medical/psychological health professional, and i'm talking about soon... because they're the only people who have the knowledge, expertise, experience and pharmacology to really help you, to bring you relief from... well, yourself.

google searches, darknet message boards and self medication are not where relief can be attained.... you need to start talking to the right people, and we here at hidden answers, are not them-

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know what you're talking about. I can only describe my phenomenon and look for the device or weapon that makes this. I'm 100% sure it's a human operation event, dressed in the guise of schizophrenia. You can't prove that this thing doesn't exist. Thank you

no, i can't "prove" a negative.... but you can't prove it's real either...

let's say for a minute that you're right, you're being targeted by some manner of secret-weapon mind fuck device...... tell us, why you?.... what's so special about you, that you were chosen for this torment, as opposed to any one of the other 320 million or so people in this country....?

it's NOT a "Human operation event"... nor is it a "device, weapon or tool" that's causing it.... it's 100% in your head, and the fact that you're completely unwilling or incapable of even considering this as a possibility, far and above more likely than some super-tech mind reading device, is just further evidence of your imbalance, psychosis and/or defect.

if you won't go to a doctor, at least consider turning off the television for a while-