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Español - Português - Ру́сский

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just because i want to live in switzerland

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you do realize the Swiss will probably just not let you in, right?
adding to that you'll have Swiss nationality when you're 70 years old maybe maybe...
plus people are not really stranger-friendly there, it's mostly everyone to themselves. in a Swiss way. weird to say

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Hi Juan. As an a girl who hobbies is learn another languages, i will tell you my ''learning hacks". I like to talk with native people of the country that I'm learning the language, i think that learning with native people its the easiest way to learn. Just try to use the words that you know in your routine, try to name things in your house or just talk to yourself. German it's hard because of the pronounce. So, I would recommend you to memorize the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet so that you will know how to speak the syllables more smoothly. I lived in Germany for almost 10 years, it was a little difficult to learn, but if you pay attention to the rules, everything is fine. Reading books online, videos on youtube also help, the more you PRATICE what you learn / or know, you will get along. That's the secret. Good luck.

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What languages can you speak

hi anon!

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French

Oh caralho, c'est beaucoup de Sprache, no puedo speak that many, but quelques unes.

Can you name a horse in six languages?

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There are four languages in Switzerland : French, German, Italian and Swiss German (there's also Romansh but its rather insignificant). If you wanna live in the German part of Switzerland, I suggest you learn Swiss-German. You're not gonna understand what people are talking about in a group of people. They can speak German but mostly speak Swiss-German. But you could also live in Geneva, where people speak french, If you already know the language.

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hey,this is exactly what Ive been doing with my quarantine time.I started a few years back though so I know the basics, but I did use Duolingo,Youtube videos, chidrens books from the library, and flash cards. Im not at conversational level,but getting close.learning all the verbs is tough.been trying to concentrate on those now....good luck

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all the other answers combined plus music and movies and also might be easier if you get movies that you have watched lots and lots of times so you know them lots and then put german subtitles on it too :)

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I know the "best" way, it is like working out, the "músculo" doesnt grow like the weeds in your backyard, lol.
It takes time. Any language

  • Watch a lot of movies with subtitles
  • Read texts, books slightly above your skill level, and write down unfamiliar words. Look up these words in a lexicon after a reading session.

This is a surefire way IMO

However I think learning languages beside english is a waste of time, unless for a very specific and personal goal/reason.

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They say the fastest way to learn any language is to fully immerse yourself. Having to speak it all the time means that you pick things up more frequently. You'll learn more useful stuff too instead of what's in your pencil case. To ease yourself in though there are several apps and books that can be very helpful to understand the basics in that language.

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Eat the still beating heart of someone who speaks german.

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