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Not long a go weed was legalized for industrial and medicinal use in my country.In my country it is easier to start up a business as a foreigner because of the currency.Its easier to start up with little working capital and make more profits in a little time. If there's anyone or investor  out there who wants to invest in to weed farming? I'd be pleased to work with you.

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Are you good with a growing plant like Cannabis this is the real answer.... You can have Billions in $ but can't growing correctly a good strains. So yes this is complicate to make this kind of business alone and working with a partnership in a part of the world without more information.

Cannabis is medicinal and if you go in Cannazon Market for example sealers want the best Bud and best products do you have enough competence to do this kind of job during the Covid19 ? Which kind of strains do you want to start ? Which size do you have ? Is it legal in your country ? If no, do you have a safe place ? How much cost your electricity bill.... This kind of information. You can make the job alone for less than 2000$ with good result and then sell your stuff into different market.

1500 for equipment

500 for buying bond in Empire Market for example. You need 100-500 orders for Cannazon.

With this amount you can make more than 2kg of bud after curing. So look like 15000$ in plus value. You need to add free sample or cheap sample when your start and having a good good stealth with good notion in security to protect your customers and you against robber or cops. You always having customers for cannabis always even in Empire Market ! And Yes first make regional shipping and if it is good International Tracked Shipping. Good Luck ! Better to start with the best US stains/ Blue Dream, Gelato or Girl Scout Cookies. Indoor more expensive.

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straight slow thinking anyone is gunna invest in you especially on this lmfao do it illegally then do it legally ya wanna make money quick ? risk ya life and risk about a couple thousand dollars