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I recently started to use this forum and have noticed a lot of older people,(40+), uses this forum. Usually, people at that age do not seem very tech oriented, much less able to use tor, and im curious as to how/why you got here and why you use this site.

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Ok Zoomer.

you know i was trying to get back in carding but didn't had the spirit for it so i ended up surfing around trying to learn new things and i found this forum it's been 3 month since then i get back time to time i like to hear open minded people's thoughts maybe because I have been raised by the most closed-minded type of parents

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LMFAO....... there is so much wrong with this question, it's hard to know exactly where to start...

first, no... there are some people close/around 40 who frequent this site, but they're well outnumbered by teens, pre-teens and 20-somethings.

also, while talking about people 40+ years old, and how you say they.... "do not seem very tech oriented, much less able to use tor..."

you should know, that the people who invented computers, cell phones, the internet and even tor itself, are all by now, well over 40 years old .... so if it weren't for those you view as decrepit old folks you might still be talking to your friends on a rotary dial phone, lol....

you have some serious misconceptions about age, amigo..... when i was 17, i use to think 40 was old too..... but as i matured, i came to understand just how frail that assumption was..... and you will too my friend, you will too, lol...

you'll get there-

answered ago by Senpai (169,575 points)  

Thanks for the response.

You must have a lot of friends lmfao

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i'd been wanting to get into deep/dark web for years now.. but didn't get time to do that. finally, this lockdown time came handy, lol. i searched up how to get here and looked up interesting sites to visit, that's how. i'm 23 btw

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Thanks for the response, same story im 16 tho. Nice to see you here.

ayyy, 16 gang, I got here because I used to browse dark web sites a lot, and then I found a CryptoNWO video where he went here, and it seemed cool, so here I am xD

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I came here to ask questions that I wouldn't be able to ask on other QnA sites.When I try to ask something like how to build a deadly booby trap or how to make weapons,I either get bullshitted by people or blocked.So I came here since I can ask pretty much anything without getting banned.I'm not gonna look up how to build bombs or make drugs,but something like knowing how to make a coil gun or retina-frying laser pointers to defend myself is something I'm gonna ask.

answered ago by N00b 3.0 (610 points)  

Nice, partly the same here. Also, nice username.

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i'm under 16 n i've been on here for a week and on tor for like 9 days i think? everyone knows about the deep web and how its like supposed to be way bigger than the normal internet (doesn't seem so tho) so its literally just going to google and searching and finding out what it is.. then u find tor.. then u install tor.. then u realise that the address on tor are different to regular internet so you read about that then you end up on reddit and u find some random addresses, mostly stuff you don't want to see about guns and drugs and all that stuff but you find some links that are basically just places on the deep web to see and u go to some, leave them go to others then you find a place called hidden answers and then you remember that tor is anonymous so if stuff is happening in ur life that u can't talk to normal people about, u can ask it here.. then u realise its a nice place for the most part so u stay!

im not even joking when i say i could have found my way here 4 yrs ago.. pretty much everyone can find their way here if they wanna. plus all the internet and stuff was invented by older people or people who are old now so there is older people on here but my generation literally has always had technology like this so its easy for us.. so really everyone is here : )

answered ago by Novice (1,050 points)  
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There are many people 40+ who are good with computers. I think we're all here for similar reasons regardless of age. This is a safe place where we can freely exchange information. People who are motivated to find such communities won't let a lack of technical knowledge stop them from getting there. It's not difficult to use Tor, just install a browser and start browsing - though there's more to do if you want additional security.

answered ago by Jesus 20k (21,375 points)  
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Was watching Dark Web horror stories on YT. Soon I was really curious about Live Red Rooms and Scuff. But turns out viewing that stuff is costly, and I have no desire to to waste money on it. Now I'm just kind of here reading FUCKED up shit on different forum sites. Equally disturbing, but somehow entertaining.. idk tbh lol

answered ago by N00b 101 (20 points)