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Maybe it's philosophical, but if you face the question, its not easy to just ignore it.
If our goals are nothing more than eat and shit, then its all disappointing; and if not, how we may go further?

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"If our goals are nothing more than eat and shit"

if those are your goals or the goals of those whom you associate with..... well, that's just damn sad, lol.

your goals can be literally anything at all, without any limits whatsoever... and you can/might/could actually reach them, but..... I have found over the years, that sometimes the sense of achievement and progress can more often be gained from working towards a goal, even more so than actually attaining it.

life is more about the journey than the destination my friend..... so, decide what you want out of life, and don't get all into the weeds over how impossible it may sound, or how specifically you are going to achieve them..... and just get after it.

i think you'll find that your goals will change, and/or evolve, in direct proportions to the progress you make in life towards the achievement of other, earlier set goals... so don't chain yourself down or become so fixated on one thing, that you can't decide down the road to just turn left and begin pursuing another, different set of goals.

a journey of a thousand miles, begins with just one step....

good luck-

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  • "Is it possible to be rational, and still seek a goal beyond your life?"

. In point of fact, it is precisely; accurately and strictly because of our unique and singular condition of constituting and be beings, that are not only - sentient (in terms of our physical integrity, and biological sensory dimension, analogous condition carried by the human being...); sensory (in relation to the 5 senses, endowed by our organic being; akin of the human species ...), generically portraying - natural; pure beings, that ,laconically, it is, in fact, credible to be represented and reflected, by its sensitive dimension related to human senses, as well as, beings camouflaged as if by a precious and candid vehicle that carries, a source of ignition (expressed and defined, by our thoughts ...), in its turn, symbolized, as the highest center of the intellectual segment and, human being's dimension / horizon / cognitive domain.

.Undoubtedly, as an ultimate purpose, when the fusion process is carried out between these two imperative dimensions, for the construction of the individual's reality map, this one, will have the intellectual faculty, intervened with our sensitive dimension of love (present in our interior world ...), to gradually compose and build a personal plan and idea life, in order, consequently, to be realized and ,empirically, applied.

.Regarding the construction of our future, it is true that the strength of our - thoughts; ideas; wishes; worldview; life doctrines act like a magnet that attracts - people; circumstances; situations; phenomena, for our personal reality. However, in reality it is not only our thoughts that act here, but also our feelings that are correlated to certain and select groups of thoughts.
. Nobody acts exclusively with the intellect. Essentially, it is always a matter of experiencing a certain feeling. Even when someone claims to decide and act objectively; rationally and logically, it does so, for example, because it gives him a sense of emotional security. You can understand its performance, explain it, observe the consequences and justify them. The risk of being severely punished for a possible mistake - which would not feel good - decreases.

  • "If our goals are nothing more than eat and shit "

. As a matter of fact, this - perspective; understanding; optics; prism of life and worldview, around the ultimate - objective; intent; human being's inner determination, as an intellectual being, as likewise, and certainly, sentient being, is in truth and in its reason, holistically and integrally, a - subterfuge; pretext and argument, somewhat cunning and tricky, because these elementary activities, whose human survival depends strictly on them, is referred to, as, nihilistically, a single - clear goal; explicit scope, by humans.

. In fact, human / sentient beings who feature these ideals that mirror - misfortune; frivolity; nugacity; tribulation; nihilism, shield themselves from this life lie, nothing more than basic needs for survival, not even being mere and chaste life desires, in order, malevolently, to apologize themselves, about the non-fulfillment of certain - wishes; pretensions; life aspirations; proportionate and harmonious ambitions, that, in fact, they've obtained at either sporadic or done over times, throughout the course of their lives, by renouncing and resigning themselves to act - with pride; with righteousness; resiliently; firmly; sagaciously; lucidly as well as perceptively, in their life plans; clear and necessary goals.

.Countless times, by apparent - fear; angst and anxiety, for deciphering the best life path in order to, more quickly, realize those same desires and ideals of life, instead of, actually and truly, try to experience the feelings that the sensitive and imaginative experience of these dreams, provides to the individual.

.Consequently, these individuals, armed with these deceitful ideas of life, incalculable times, due to moral wrongdoing, abdicate themselves reaching emotional and sentimental longevity, feeling the real - feelings; pure sensations and emotions, envisaged, as circumstances of fulfillment of one's own desire, through the process of imagination and delivery of these feelings to the universe.

"If it is the reason that makes a human being, it is the feeling that drives him."

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Well suicide just falls under that category, its a goal beyond life (non-existence). And there are cases when that is the most rational decision. However that varies from person to person.
For me that would be a life-sentence without the possibility of parole for example. For women it could be ending their life as a sex-slave in some third world shit-hole. And so on.

You left out the most important part of the cycle: reproduction. Face the truth that is the PURPOSE of your life. Always has been since three and a half billion years. However this fact is far from comforting. The majority turns to religion to comfort themselves, assuming they are part of some "divine plan". But the truth is much closer: We arent any different from a fuckin' common virus. Reproducing till the end of time, destroying the "body" (earth) which it lives in.
Dont get me wrong, I dont give a shit about earth, the existence of the ecosystems isnt any more morally justified than ours. And be wary of those sitting on moral high-horses giving fancy speeches.

Yes it is disappointing, I assume the aim of your question is to express this to us, like the other "I want to commit suicide" questions.

How may we go further as an individual? The solution is in the question. What separates us from other lifeforms is consciousness. Do what you WANT, thus find out what pleases you, and try to expose yourself to them as much as possible. As long as it doesnt conflict with other peoples well being ofc., like pedophiles and sadist for example.

Well, this got longer than I wanted it to be, however I hope I could give you a different perspective.

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Rational is a construct
It only has meaning in a context
Lets say your first day of college starts
you want to follow and graduate
In that context it is rational to go to somewhere and study/hear what they have to say
Lets say you die the next day
then, in 99% of the cases it is rational to NOT do that
Just spend that last day with the people you love, would be rational
(This all quite simplified of course)
The thing is: you don't know whether you die tomorrow
of course the chance is low, but it (probably) will happen to you one day

So take eat and shit (and sleep)
you feel hungry, or that you have to sleep or shit
why should reacting on them be a rational choice?

It isn't
in the context of that you want to stop that feeling?
Yes than it is

In the context that you want to starve yourself?
No then it isn't

Now the questions is what is your context?
What do you want, outside of shit, eat (sleep) what others expect from you, and others(family/environment) wants from you?
If you know that, then you can define your goal
what can help is stand a bit open for unknown, like that you don't already know what will happen,
or what one will say,
or how one will be
this is however hard
but it might help making life a bit more meaningfull

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You're a hypocrite. You speak as though you're the ultimate relativist then you reach some of the most obvious conclusions and end up with the usual dogmatic platitudes.

Yes of course I am, a hypocrite, every human probably is
however I tried to answer first the literally question, then what I think might be the question behind that
Id never meant them to be THE logical conclusion towards each other

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Yes, by redefining life beyond the limited constrained pseudo-domain you believe it to be in. If you expand the definition of life, to a vaster level, then you can be rational avoid the religion trap and believe in the shite you like to accept as beyond.
Unfortunately we limit our scope of "Reasonablity" thus we get manipulated by all the spiritual crap around. from all abrahamic dogma through to buddhism and hinduism. they all steer people in a way of giving away its own personal power to some other entity, whom is by no means real!
meanwhile you get abused and consumed by the human messengers and prophets. look at all these "New Age" bunch. they are in excess in the US and Canada and consist of mainly current and ex druggies, who have nothing to do in their lives, but inflating a balloon full of gOd shite.
the picture they are trying to paint, as beyond is actually that of servitude and subjugation, and the fuckin' same as that which was propagated by all the prophets, look back at history and see how many were ripped apart during religious wars. I believe except the eradication of the Indian Americans the rest of the genocide, done in the name of gOd, were not correct.
"the concept beyond life" I believe can not have anything objectively, for each individual it has its own meaning and own parameters.
So I would not suggest following religions or this new "New Age" crap, since they are all the same, however presented as different.
A good way to know what is an ideology up to, is to look at its followers. Islam is well respected by trashy terrorists, so is Christianity praised by American Idiots. and please do not ban me here Senpai since this is supposed to be a rational dialogue, and I will be happy to react to comments. so is buddhism advertised by malnourished primitive mountain people, who as the result of consecutive in breading are fucked up any way.
and the New Age crap, is being propagated by druggies, criminals, mentally sick people who need to be institutionalised., and dangerous ideological poisons they propagate is presented as based in science. however only the theashy people take this as correct! since there is NOT one single scientific base in the New Age crap.
there is a place where people try to prove the base in the science through scientific terms that those idiots can not even pronounce correctly so it is clear that there is no "beyond" according to the religions of any sort. it is all but LSD crap!
Beyond is nothing that can be obtained form other people.

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So all religions and new age are the same according to you?

One can't expand their definition of life for nothing.

You seems not even experiencing love, how possibly you extend your definition of life?

You are reasoning based on some information you get from particular senses, and not the spritual one many people claim to experience. How do you ignore the reality of what they feel? What if you are blind? Why not letting them to have feelings other than yours, even if they want to define their own?

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I will make it short:
"Leap of faith".
You make it worth it. Nothing happens on it's own that's worth living.
This thing called Love will also not stay if you have not made yourself ready to keep it.

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