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All the jobs that have held off on hiring as of the pandemic, will likely have a huge need for new employees sooner or later.

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ha,grim but true

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Personally I've been thinking that AI and Robotics are probably about to make a huge push as well as 3D Printing and programming, especially from the introduction of $15 employee wages being introduced by the Democratic Party for any company being given funding for the coronavirus in the latest relief bill (I don't think this was passed in the relief bill, but I have not checked on this). After such a hit to the markets from the panic, and the new standard of quarantining people to stay home in order to deal with sickness in the United States- you can pretty much guarantee that every corporate board and committee is currently discussing how to address such an issue for future profits and growth in order to maintain fiscal stability in times of crisis where the workforce will be unavailable. With the push for higher wages for low level positions, I'm seeing this trend as a perfect tee up to start phasing out physical workforce where possible in order to increase stability, reduce error and save money for the bottom line. I also have been thinking this may start opening up companies like WeWork to promote the idea of remote offices to a huge standard in the American workforce in order to increase the available talent pool and save on overhead eventually, but that would be more of a step 2.

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thank you.good insight. Im with you on the 3d printing,especially when they see how it is coming to the rescue.