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asked ago in Sex and relationships by Vanguard (31,260 points)  

Youngest - 2 years of difference
Oldest - 10 yr of difference

youngest 18 - oldest 50 (if still good looking)

9 Answers

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Youngest: 18 years old
Oldest: 40 years old.

answered ago by Novice (1,640 points)  

I am 35

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That kinda depends on your age..I'm 48yo, youngest I would date is 36...oldest 50.

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Agree with this ^^ Age seems more of an issue when you're under 25.
When you're 90, you'll get loads of high fives for dating a 60yo.


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oldest 18
youngest my age (i'm under 16)

answered ago by Novice (1,050 points)  
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probably 30
probably 13

I'm 26, male. So I'm not really into geriatric old women. The age of consent here is 14, but you can get by with fucking a girl under that if it's only a month or two til she turns 14.

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I agree some underage girls are very attractive

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The rule of thumb, depending on who you ask, is youngest = (your age / 2) + 7. And then do the reverse: your age >= (their age / 2) + 7. If both check out then you're good to go.

Personally, I wouldn't be against dating a 16 year old (age of consent in my jurisdiction) if the conditions were right I guess, but I don't recall being actually interested in someone more than 5 years younger than me at any point so far. Oldest I dated (well, messed around with) was 14 years older than me. But she had the maturity level of a 16 year old, ha! Right now though, I'd say oldest I would probably date would be 0 years older than me. I just seem to have better luck dating someone younger.

answered ago by N00b 2.0 (370 points)  
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20 - 40 I'm somewhere inbetween

answered ago by N00b 101 (150 points)  
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Ah yes the classic (your age / 2) + 7.
But that is more a joke than real advice.

I always say to my friends:

  • youngest: legal age. 18 in my country. Not age of consent. Legal adult age.
  • oldest: as old as you can tolerate (i.e. not be grossed out :-0 )

The age of the person is not that important. I dated a women 13 years older than me, and currently I am with a women 14 years younger. The number is not what is important here. How you feel about the person is. Sure some will judge, but what is more important? Being happy or miserable based on someone else's criteria?

The older you get, the less important it is since the differences tend to flat out as an adult. Obviously when you are 20, 40 seems real old. But as you get older, 40 is fine. There are just some details you must know. Ex. certain ages come with common desires. A 35 year old single women will have her biological clock running to the max! Younger will be more about party and establishing a career, for example.

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I am 36
The youngest: legal age
The oldest: 34 and I don't want older women, even when I am getting older. Better single then an old women.

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nothing over 20, or below 13, since I am still a minor and I think im worth catching a case for lmao.

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