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When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? , what do you guys think about it as our one of my friends also is infected with coronavirus and now we are very in panic situation.
So tell us about your ideas, when coronavirus vaccine be ready in market.

We love our world humans so please we request to you stay in your home and do self quarantine in this bad situation.

Just enjoy the hidena naswers with your these free time and play some games in home for killing your time and do exercise on daily routine in home.

Stay safe hiden answers members.

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2 Answers

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I think phase 1 trials are being tested in seattle at the moment for a vaccine. From what I hear proper testing might take twelve months. Then once approved they have to manufacture the vaccine plus there will be a queue of people for the vaccine so you will have to wait your turn. Expect all this to take about 18 months. But a vaccine will only work if you have not already contracted the virus.

In the shorter term better medications to treat the virus have and will emerge. The good news is that many of these antivirals are already approved so they just need to figure out what combinations and dosage is optional for COVID19

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No vaccine for 2020 and 2021 ! You have a multitude of corona-virus in the nature. Animal and even others: The SRAS is very old : 2003. Dont expect vaccine and read projection of Phd : More than 1 billion of people can dying in less than 1 year. Millions in USA and Europe without any problems. The chaos is still here.

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