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well, this is the question that i have been asking myself for a few years. we all have that thing called "consciousness". it's a mystery, but it gets a lot more complicated when you mix it with science.

there are a lot of cells in our body, which are created by atoms, which are created by smaller things, and it goes and on and on. so, when we go really deep, there is a scale which is so down low you that can't even imagine that creates us all and i'm not even sure that there is a bottom, maybe it goes smaller and smaller forever. but we can say that we're created by some little things that creates some bigger things that creates us all and our consciousness in the end. or maybe that's not even the end, maybe we are some kind of things that serves a bigger creature just by breathing or something. maybe our sun is just the core of a bigger-type atom. i don't know, it's anyone's guess.

let's go back to our scale. when we get into a battle it's much more easier to lose an arm than losing your head. but deep down they are all the same thing, except they are not. they are like generals and infantry. but why is that? with kingdoms or democracies or any other form of management, are we creating something like that has been ruling our bodies or cells unconsciously? our brain rules the body because they are much more sophisticated or advanced, but still they are all the same in the end. it doesn't make sense. my fingernails are just slaves that sacrifices their life daily for my brain. weird.

so what i really want to ask is who am i? i talk and think and write these lines with my consciousness, but what controls that consciousness? hormones? evolutionary knowledge that has been scratched to our dna? if so, doesn't it make us all slaves? or something else?

i don't know man, i'm so confused that i can't even explain myself. if anyone understood what i tried to ask, an answer will be really appreciated.

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We cannot create not destroy energy.
But where do the ideas and images in your head come from and where do we go when you dream?
Maybe its a transfer of energy. The Big bang could have been a major transfer of energy that ultimately ended in our consiousness.
Maybe the universe thought it wa so beautiful it created life to observe itself
We are not aware of everything around us, think about how there are different light waves we cant see with our eyes, or how some animals have differentl senses than us. There could be so much around us that we cannot comprehend, yet.

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You'd have much more success if you asked this on a science forum. Nevertheless this question has made me thought a lot.

My opinion is that we wont get to know this under our lifetime. I have a very modest education in biology, and looking at the core mechanics of a neuron it truly is absolutely remarkable what it can achieve, even when not talking about consciousness.
Even looking at a small parasitic worm, it acts like a primitive A.I. , I find even that very intriguing.

But the human brain? it is the pinnacle of 3.5-4.5 billion years of evolution. Even without the large neocortex its amazing (apes).

I compare it to a CPU, so its easier to grasp. Looking at a transistor it is brilliance in itself, but its potential is far beyond that. In a CPU there are LOTS of them. And there are many layers of software to the top, to the OS. I wont elaborate further on this since thats not the aim of your question.
I think it works in a way like that.

What truly is intriguing, once we understand the underlying mechanics of consciousness, we could incorporate it artificially, that would be a new age for man. However that is not for our eyes to see.

I hope I could help in some way.

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I think our bodies are like radio receivers. I think we pick up an encrypted private broadcast. I don't know where the broadcast originates from or why. It seems pointless, who would bother?

I think it's a bit like dreams. I'm making this up as I go right now, not thinking too deeply into it... I think the dreams are the raw broadcast confused with the fragmented memories of your life so far, or maybe the broadcast is always like that. Maybe you are an iteration being modulated by time and the universe around you.

I don't know.

Maybe you are the broadcaster and paid very good money to be broadcast into your body and maybe those with cancer or addictions, problems, etc. have a fetish.

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I kinda understand your question. I've asked myself similar questions a lot. I don't think we'll get an answer from science anytime soon, so here's my (unverifiable, of course) hyphotesis:
what if our brains/subconscious was a "compatibility layer" between matter and whatever provides our "consciousness"? In this case, consciousness would probably be something along the lines of what religious/spiritual people know as "souls". Something outside of the understanding of this world that just "connects" to it somehow.

To expand a little on the above paragraph, plants/animals could be a similar thing for other "souls" (i dislike that word for some reason, though I've not yet found a better one) that accept a lesser existence.

You said something about (quote) "doesn't it make us all slaves?"
That's something I've asked myself a lot. Am I making these decisions, or am I just making them because something else is telling me to (or because my nature as a human is to do that, or anything similar)? My understanding of it is, I make decisions based on a subset of choices my body/brain/subconscious gives me. I have a limited amount of free will that I can use to select a course of action from those available... that might not be very nice to think about for some people, but I've always thought of myself as not being fully in control, and I've made my peace with it, I guess.

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theres some talk that human beings went from what we were which was basically just apes (but in modern human form not apey form) to doing things like cave paintings and stuff like that because of things like magic mushrooms and stuff. It apparently rewired or awakened our brain. Lol half my answers so far are coming from the one podcast i listened to!!

we basically went from mindless gotta eat gotta sleep gotta reproduce etc to thinking about things.. like the "i think therefore i am" sort of thing. going from nothing to living in groups, hunting animals, painting caves and bonking things with sticks... So there was a"spark" that happened and it happened quickly.. something that set us apart from the other animals.

please don't feed drugs to ur pets hoping they will start talking.

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