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A family member downloaded some movies illegally.
I don`t want to get involved into this and I do want to support all the people who create these movies, but the whole family has a other view on this.
I`m worried that the police will get us and then I`ll go into prison.
What would you do? What would you say to convince the family member?

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6 Answers

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If your family hasn't had police visits over illegal downloading then you should be fine and there isn't much you would need to do.

This sort of thing is not enforced well but that could vary from country to country (some places do take it seriously).
The uploaders are the ones who are often pursued by police (especially if movie or TV episodes was leaked before intended release or cinema camcorder leak, etc) when that type of thing is taken seriously.

It is also very unlikely you would get in trouble if you don't have any illegally downloaded movies on your computer.

There isn't really any point in convincing your family member to change their ways and the main reason they download is related to wealth or just saving money (costs money to buy an physical copy of an film or sign up to an subscription service for TVs and Movies such as Netflix).

answered ago by Champ (41,180 points)  
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The only form of legal intervention that occurs because of piracy is an ISP saying "give us money or we'll go to court which will cost you more money because lawyers and we might win. This happens very rarely and most of these are empty threats, I've never heard of any ISP going to court for this, and you can usually ignore them. More ISPs are instead giving warnings to pirates. If getting a lawyer would put your family at serious financial risk, you should probably try and find any previous actions against piracy taken by your specific ISP.
As for convincing them, you can tell them how an ISP can see (an most definitely logs) your IP address and the website you're visiting, so they'll know if you're visiting a piracy website without a proxy. If they torrent movies, other people (including ISPs and Feds) can see their IP and what they're torrenting.
I personally would just have them use I2P or some cheap/free vpn when torrenting, and tor/I2P when downloading. To support those who make the movies, just donate to the creators/publishers! This also has the benefit of bypassing retailers who take a cut on the price you pay to watch a movie.

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I've been pirating movies for a few years. I always used glitchy websites to do it, and recently found out about torrents(to dowload them in full quality without lag). I also managed to pirate Cod4. I've even gotten movies and tv shows on chromebooks using CHROME. I use firefox now-usually forget to turn on my VPN too. Tor doesnt work for torrents so i just use clearnet now. I may be more stupid than I think, but no one came to my front door and I havent gotten any legal messages at all ever. I havent even gotten any viruses, any my firewall security levels are as low as they can be. Basically what I'm saying is as far as I've gone, from what I've seen its perfectly safe, even though its illegal. After all is said, your family should be safe.

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What sort of movies do you mean. although this family member is most probably yourself, trying to know, how bad it could get. any way Nobody is going to getcha because of some movies!
If you made them, whatever they are, try to remove any signals that can be traced back to yee. be it some numberplate in one single frame, a particular place,... this however is not an easy job and takes sometimes a team of specialists weeks to parse through foorage frame by frame to clear the video.
what sort of movie do you mean?

answered ago by N00b 3.0 (820 points)  

It was all kind of movies. From Frozen over Wreck it Ralph up to Deadpool were everything. Malcolm in the middle, Spongebob, Spiderman, Superman, Disney movies, DC Universe etc...

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Wait. Lemme get this straight.
You're on a "darknet" Q&A asking about the ramifications of a "family member" who downloaded movies illegally. Would that "family member" happen to be the same person you see when you look in the mirror?


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Unless your doing it for moral reasons, no one gives a crap, everyone downloads, no one would bat an eyelid!

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