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not neccesarily meaning zombies, just a world where everything has gone to hell which might actually happen one day. Think about it and answer honestly. Do you know how to get food and water, how to survive winters and summers, how to trust people and protect urself and ur stuff. Do you think it would change you into someone u don't want to be? do you think ud get to a point where ud rather die than be alive? how do you think it would change your family? do u think you have it in you to have to kill another human being?

i personally don't think i'd do too well. i've run away from home once n i got very cold and hungry and came right back. How people are acting right now is scary and i don't just mean the fighting over toilet paper and stuff but everywhere u go theres like a feeling everywhere of like fear and doom and when people get scared they do all sorts of crazy stuff.

hope this isn't a low quality question considering whats going on in the world right now, just want to know what others feel.

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I had a conversation on the clearnet about this couple days ago, and I think the most important thing in a "everything is fucked and i have to start from scratch" situation is community. Knowing people is the most important thing, you can have as many resources as you want, food, shelter, power, protection equipment (guns), whatever, but if you don't have other people, you're going to be SOL eventually when you run out of stuff.

So I have to say I'm woefully underprepared for such an occasion. Almost everyone I know, I know online, and if I know someone IRL they're quite far away from where I live. :(

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great answer thank you:) ima mark it as best since ur the only one who answered :) that second bit tho im prolly in the same situation as you, most of my friends aren't survival types either. My dad knows people but they aren't exactly like next door so that would make things difficult.

community <3