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say, if we extract toxic impurities using activated charcoal. How can we retrieve these impurities from activated charcoal? How can we retrieve impurities from activated charcoal using ammonium sulphate?

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i think no one has this much knowledge in chemistry.

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you cant, since charcoal works in 2 different ways. first is it causes the impurities to sink and get collectible as a residue on the bottom, the second is it has a very porous surface on a microscopic level and attracts non soluble particles in water and some alcohols to itself.
It however does react with a variety of water soluble chemicals as well. and collects them. if it is supplemented with Calcium chloride CaCl2 it could also word as a bio cleanser and antidote to a lot of toxins in the body.
I do not suggest to use charcoal against (NH4)2SO4, since ammonium sulphate is highly soluble in water and you can not clear the water from it by charcoal. this is actually a huge pain in the Butt in the Agricultural Centres.
you need to add metals to water to reduce the NH4 part as a Ammonia gas and residue SO4 as some water non soluble salt. however the Ammonia and these metals that are added to water are also toxic and need to be removed.

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can you tell me ,
after extracting oil from castor beans, how can i collect pure ricin.

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rather than using charcoal, use carbonated water or something which have ph level 4.
the toxic protein will dissolve in it.
after filtering, add ammonium sulphate for protein percipate.
you have your required item.

ask me if you want step-by-step answer.

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