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I like reading those feeling's in those suicide letter's :/

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i have a suicide letter from high school couple years back - i might upload it later . it can be emotionally challenging to read the thoughts, the anger and the sadness that i threw into that letter. just good to see what runs through somebody's head when they are ready to end it all....

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Please do upload it, if you don't mind of course. I am interested, thank you ^^

this is an excerpt from my journal on October 11th, 2017. i felt as if i was writing this letter to myself, not the world. i felt i had to explain to myself :

> this is the last the world will ever will ever see of me. i could have
> gotten better, but i have not. i cannot do it any longer. my parents
> may miss me, but i do not care about them anymore. none of them. they
> have a part to play in how my life crumbled.
> so now i have three choices. i can either slit my wrists, swallow the pills or stab myself in the chest. i have the knife in front of
> me. all i have to do is cut the vein. the vein. the vein. my skin is
> rugged and tender, blood is beginning to run from my wrists. i cut
> myself. im going to cut the goddam viens and it can all be over. if i
> dont bleed out soon i am going to swallow the pills. i want the
> suffering to stop , this is inevitable, death is inevitable
> i want to tell val i really do but there is nothing she can do. i dont want to destroy her any more than i have.but maybe i should maybe
> i need to. maybe it might kill me if i dont . maybe thats what i
> wanted all along. today i hoped for cancer.but nothing. today i hoped
> for sheer dread and bad news and i recieved it. all the lies ive told
> to anyone will mean nothing. i am not sorry about what i am about to
> do.i am not sorry about the people i will hurt. i am not sorry about
> anything anymore simply because nothing matters anymore. not me not
> anything not anyone nothing fucking matters anymore my wrists are
> on fire as i write this. but hopefully its all worth it . my blade is
> stained with blood and the blood is getting all over my hands and
> arms i hope this is worth it i hope i will die and fade away and feel
> nothing. i dont want to have this empty hole in my chest any longer.
> do not worry about me for i have not cared about anyone for a long
> time i need this to end. i want to end it now and i am ready to leave
> this earth. goodbye