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If there is one on the darkweb and it does have a .onion domain, then why are new accounts "email@protonmail.com"? Btw are those ones secure for use here on .onion websites?

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Emails that ends with .onion can only receive emails from other Tor mail providers. That means if your email ended with .onion, your friends using gmail or any regular mail provider won't be able to contact you. That's not in protonmail interests, they prefer a user friendly, privacy-focused email service, compatible with all the others.

Some onion mail provider like tormail offer a proxy system that makes your address accessible from the outside, but it's not in protonmail design. Proxies are here to protect the identity of the mail server, it's already known where protonmail servers are anyway.

Regarding your second question, it depends, but .onion email are considered much safer. To put it simply, if the website where you putted an .onion email get seized, they can't really do anything about this email, they aren't sure where the mail server is since it's behind Tor (assuming it's a decent onion email provider).

Whereas if you used a .com (or any clearnet domain) email, they know the email provider and can try a "visit". I've never heard of protonmail bending to authorities, and I don't think they will, but it's a risk. And even if they don't, I bet the traffic around there servers is monitored, especially non-encrypted incoming emails (yes, protonmail encrypt your inbox, but if someone send an unencrypted email over an non-encrypted connection to them, they can only encrypt it after receiving it. Who knows what happened in between.)

HOWEVER, most onion email provider don't encrypt your inbox. You have to trust them they won't read your email. Depending on what kind of usage you're planning to have, this could be a huge deal breaker. I which case, using protonmail or tutanota over Tor is your best option.

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First off I don't recommend Protonmail as a darknet email service provider because it requires JS to use.

You can access it via Tor, but it's not a true darknet email service. Having a clearnet domain allows you to communicate with clearnet email addresses. As I understand it, the situation is similar to accessing clearnet sites over Tor. When your communications leave the Tor network to route through the clearnet domain gateway proxies they rely on TLS assuming your email service provider has properly implemented it. This is one reason you should always encrypt your emails with PGP.

There aren't many true darknet email service providers out there. Services like secMail and EludeMail are probably secure enough for your purposes. If you're looking for a true darknet email service Infantile may be of interest to you.

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Protonmail is good enough and safe enough. The other recommended email server are shit because they cannot reach the clear net. All clearnet email server are blocking those secmail and other darknet-shit email-provider. And those secmail-shit-server are offline sometmes for weeks or are ddosd and shit. Protonmail and Ctemplar you can use for darknet and clearnet activities. They are safe enoug for a while and after all just get a new email address when you think that you have burned the old one. Use temp-mail.org to verify.

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