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Would you do it?

Tell me why if you want.

Id say No at the moment but it would a really hard decision.

asked in Sad times by Novice (1,010 points)  

Personally no, but I can understand anyone who wants to. Pain is not the most important factor, if you really want to go through with it it wont matter.
Even I have a failed suicide attempt behind me, but thats a different story.

Heroine Overdose :) :) :)

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No, because I'm stubborn. No matter how shit life is, I'm never going to die on purpose. Yes it has been shit sometimes. No matter how good somebody's life is, there is always some shit, just different levels and perspectives based on their own experiences.

Is that a reason to give up? No.

People are relying on me. If I died on purpose now, that would be disrespectful to them.

Even if I had killed myself at a shit time in the past, how would I know that people wouldn't need me now in the future? It is impossible to predict the future.

Even if I could erase myself without repercussions I wouldn't because that's boring and a waste of experience.

I do want to make sure I die well in the future though. I don't want to be an old vegetable that can't enjoy my life.

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I want because i have no life

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No, I wouldn't. However, everyone's circumstances are different.

answered by Novice (1,000 points)  
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Why would I?

answered by N00b 3.0 (625 points)  

That's what I'm asking.

If and why someone would take such drastic actions into account.
Just want to learn about what others think.

No that is not what you are asking.
You are asking for attention you little motherfucker.
If you need attention go ask your mama for some.

Please just stop.
Go annoy someone else if you won't even read the whole post.

Maybe you go annoying your mama instead of annoying other people with your shit.

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I've asked myself this question a lot, but it would be the most selfish thing ever. Even if I could die painlessly, I know what my family and friends qouldgo through afterwards. I would be relieved of my pain, but destroy the lives of the people around me.
There is just one circumstance under which I would do this. If all the memories of me on earth would be erased so no one would care about my death. It's not even that I'm depressive or traumatized by anything. I'm living a good life and have so many privileges that others don't have but I just don't see why I should live this meaningless life for 80-90 years to die. I know this sounds so pathetic but why should we care about anything in our lives do hard work for the rest of our lives to make the rich people richer and be a part of this dumb system...
Im curious what your opinion on this is.
Greetings :*

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That's a very interesting point of view to say the least.

You're totally right that it would be kind of selfish. You would get released of the pain but others around you get even more. I've thought about suicide a lot but came to the conclusion that I can make others happy. So I don't really live for myself. I just wanna help people around me to get through shit or just make em laugh. It makes me happy to see that my friends are well and doing good. Sure, I live a good live and do have privileges that others don't, and that's how I wanna help them. With knowledge or skills I have just to help them out. I still don't want to get terribly old just because it's shit when you can't move or get Alzheimer.
The system we live is shit and all that, but I as a single person can't change that. So, I'm just trying to make the best out of it. The rich get richer and poor stay poor. That's just how it is.

Thanks for your answer. It really made me think some aspects of life through.
Greetings from Germany

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Lots of whip cream cans and a really good record.

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Fuck you, life is hard, religious person or not. it's the struggle that makes you stronger, and more likely to survive and learn

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answered by N00b 3.0 (500 points)  
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Yes. I'd probably think hard about it first, but eventually I'd decide "yes".

I'll tell you why:

  • I don't fit in anywhere.
  • I failed at uni, can't find a job, have a hard time relating to people, am anxious all the time and, more often than not, am depressed.
  • I have 3 people that I could call friends but unfortunately I barely see them because we live far from each other.
  • I never had a significant other because of my anxiety, not great looks, and personality.
  • If you looked at my parents you'd think their child would be fine, but the truth is they created an abomination, partly the fault of genetics and partly the fault of their education.

I'd feel bad leaving my friends that like me, but they would be fine without me. My family would be better off without my burden. In the end I would decide "yes".

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No. There is always much more to experience in this life. The only guarantee I have is the present, so I try to make the most of it.

answered ago by Jesus 20k (21,375 points)  
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my mental illness says: yes.

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as selfish as it is, i would do it in a heartbeat. the amount of pain my "friends and family" have put me through is unforgivable and has left me with no one. i cannot find joy within myself, i am not allowed to have friends anymore nor can i see anyone outside of work or school (nothing to do with coronavirus) my family does not trust me and frankly i cannot trust them either - they make my life hell and are the reason i have a nicotine addiction, they are the reason i go behind their backs, they are the reason i make bad choices. i would just love to end the suffering- but i know i cannot because i know i will fail, as i have before.

answered ago by N00b 3.0 (760 points)  
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Yes. You only commit suicide if your pain is greater than your pleasure in life. Looking the way the world is going it makes sense to legalize suicide in most western countries now. The world is only going to get worse.

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the option of Dying instantly? it's invented million years ago, we call it suicide :D

to answer this question, you need to define pain.

if you mean physical pain, many methods of suicide don't bring pain upon you! jump off a cliff, or even a 5 floor building would do the job. or take pain killing medicine :)

but.. if you mean pain as any kind of pain (whether physical or emotional) there are different kinds of pain that prevent people from committing suicide
1- fear of losing precious life: many people think life is precious, no matter how shitty it can be, the fear of losing this life is their pain
2- hope: some people. including me have hope that life can be better, and we decide to keep on this shitty life rather than dying and turning into nothingness. killing this hope is our pain
3- what others will do without us: some people care about their surrounding humans, family and friends and they think if they die, others will have a worse life, this idea is their fear
4- what will happen after death: some people. specially religious people think that after death, humans will still live, only in a different world, or in a different form of life, having a worse condition after death is their fear
5- suicide itself: some people are afraid of suicide itself, not because of the physical pain, but because it's a taboo

there are also other pains and fears one might have, but once all these fears and pains are taken away, any sane human would come to the conclusion that suicide is the best decision to make :P

answered ago by N00b 101 (180 points)  

You seem to be under the impression that suicide is instant.
Most suicide is not, and not very pleasant.

suicide is a way of dying, death is instant, so would be suicide.
however the process of making the decision to commit suicide and bringing it into action is another matter.
That's the point I was trying to make :)

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Na. even if life gets to be real fuckin shit that would honestly just make me want to live more. Just means i get to stick it to my horrible shit life and just go "fuck you im still kicking asshole"

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