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Let's start by this: I DONT WANT TO SEE A DOCTOR
so basically i think i have OCD because since i was a lil' kid i washed my hands a lot bcoz i was afraid to get dirt on them or some shit
BUT THE MAIN QUESTION IS , i get hella paranoid when i smoke weed , like sometimes it feels good but 90% of the times i get paranoid as fuck , a best way to describe it is i create ankward situations in my head talking to people , like best way to explain it is
i create evilness where it don't exists , and also when there's a problem or some sort of shit i go from 0 to 100 on thinking about it ,too much stress on small things idk how to explain it
is there any motherfuckin' ways to fix it? because i really love smoking and i don't feel like stoping bcoz of this ...
is it because of OCD?

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No. This can happen to people when they get high on weed, where they can get very scared or paranoid. Nothing to worry about.

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Yes it could influence. Best practice: try to learn something new. Go and preoccupy your mind with something new. You should learn a new language or go for a guitar/drum lesson. I had an terrible past with the pot and from my own experience I can recall your situation. That is what helped me get over it.

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Yes, you need to start meditating, get in a comfortable position, make sure there's no tension, focus on your breathing and repeat a word that has no meaning to you for example the word "Flower", and you do this for 5 minutes. It's okay to let your mind drag away just make sure you come back to that word when it does, and keep repeating it (in your head) and then keep telling yourself you are overthinking every-time a bad thought comes in.

It's like the munchies, if you resist the first few minutes, it'll go away.

answered by N00b 101 (50 points)  
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Unfortunately, smoking weed does do this to certain people. I know someone in real life that is the same as you, can't smoke any weed because the brain goes all paranoid.

So, no, there is no real need to see a doctor.

As far as fixing it goes... well, can't say I know of a 100% sure fix but you could consider preparing more before smoking weed. So, making sure you've eaten properly. Just to negate anything on that front contributing to the situation. Also, make sure you're well hydrated before smoking. It might make a difference.

Finally and this is just a suggestion of which I have no idea how well it might work... try drinking small amounts of alcohol before smoking. Not enough to get you stone faced drunk but enough to get you buzzed a bit. It might induce a state in your brain that will negate the paranoia.

If all else fails, try smoking less pure. So, don't roll with just weed. Try rolling with tobacco instead. So, basically, mostly tobacco with a little bit of weed. Yes, smoking tobacco is bad, I know. But making the kick of the weed less intense might give your brain a bit of time to adapt.

You could then always just build up the ratio of weed vs tobacco, once you start noticing becoming less paranoid.

Last but not least... try and smoke in familiar surroundings. Paranoia is strongest when in situations or places that are the least familiar to us. So making to smoke in a location you normally feel 100% comfortable and secure in will also help.

I hope you found some useful suggestions and ideas here. Let us know how it worked out.

Good luck and... remember... enjoy yourself.

Edit: And no, it's not because of the OCD. That person I know in real life that cannot smoke weed either because the brain goes apeshit is without any OCD whatsoever. In fact, I'm quite OCD myself and I have no trouble with weed. Does not cause any paranoia for me.

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Thank you for your answer in the first place
But also a thing you quoted there is really a useful thing that i've been noticing ... if i drink alcohol before smoking i don't actually get paranoid , how does that work?

Alcohol is a downer. It slows and dulls the brain while you're under its influence and it also is actually somewhat a downer for your general mood.

What is happening there is that the alcohol is simply preventing your brain from going into the somewhat heightened state that is involved with paranoia.

So, basically, you're counteracting a part of what the weed is doing by imposing an even stronger drug (alcohol is an incredibly powerful drug actually) on top of it.

Which is why I suggested it. I figured it could work given my experience with alcohol and weed separately. Quit smoking weed and drinking alcohol long ago and never was one for mixing them but I figured it could work. So, glad to hear it actually does work.

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Meditate, just make sure you are sitting or laying comfortable, focus on your breathing and repeat a word that has no meaning to you over and over in your head. It's okay for your thoughts to drag away, just make sure you get back to that word for example "Flower" you keep repeating it.

Weed paranoia is like the weed munchies, if you resist the first few minutes, it'll go away.

If the paranoia comes back you do it again or you keep telling yourself that you are overthinking, and also you should try laughing at yourself, comedy comes from tragedy and if you are paranoid about something that's slightly silly try laughing about it.

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OCD is a form of anxiety. Smoking weed makes you anxious and so you get paranoid.

Some good suggestions listed here. I would try and moderate the amount of weed that you do. I too get paranoid when I smoke weed but I find when I use a vapouriser I get a lot less paranoid and the high seems a lot more clean plus it might be pyhsically better for you. Try and smoke in familiar surroundings. Alcohol can help too to take the edge off...as someone here said already don't get drunk just have a drink or two to take the edge off.

Lastly I would recommend taking some valium when you smoke although be careful with valium as it is super addictive and apparently the pills are harder to kick than heroin. Keep the valium for a special occasion only.

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what about lorazepam? i had valium before and it gets me euphoric as shit but right now only have some activan actually

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if weed is legal in your area try smoking different strains.

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I had paranoia attacks when smoking too. My vision and hearing would enhance. It looked like tunnel vision, and it feels like everybody is making fun of me. Making snarky comments and laughing at me, staring at me.

When sober or drunk , I never care what people think of me, just have fun... but when high it becomes unbearable to the point of panic attacks.

I don't actually know if people do make fun of me, I'm an awkward and anti social guy in general, I write it down to my IQ of 149 and inborn arrogance, but I really don't care about other people opinion of me.

I solved that problem.... by never smoking dope again. Just beer and single malt.

answered by N00b 3.0 (800 points)