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Such a good question! thanks xardas


To spend the nights sleeping, & not reading about the truth‍, then awoken regretful‍‍,
is better than having spent the night reading, then awoken impressed with oneself‍.

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The fact that i'm alone by myself is good enough.

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Coding, watching creepypasta videos, listening to music, drinking far too much coffee. Just regular things, like most people do.

answered by Apprentice (3,810 points)  

Whats your discord? I wanna learn coding.

Just like i do! :)

Well, that's great. Because even if you never end up sharing your creations with the world, either commercially or otherwise, coding still is a great way to hone the mind. As it teaches you to approach things in a logical, problem solving manner.

So, where to start?

My personal recommendation would be to start with C#. It is a simple language to pick while still being quite performant. Yet not so punishing as C or C++.

Had a look for you at contemporary tutorials and this is a very recent one that has been put together quite well:


Once you've completed that and maybe have started coming up with some ideas of your own, maybe a game or something, you could also add Godot to that, which is an open source game engine. That will allow you to create games or very easily create beautiful user interfaces for the applications you create.

And it links together with C# very well.

You can find it here:


And there are many resources to learn how to use Godot and how to use C# within it. On its own website, on Reddit, on Stackoverflow. Google will help you out greatly there.

Finally, my recommendation for an IDE or editor to use to code would be Visual Studio Code:


Whereas it will not allow you to design UIs, it is a great code editor in all other respects. And it is available cross platform.

I hope this was enough to get you both started.

But Python3 better for 1st language)))

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masturbating. listening to music.

answered by N00b 101 (140 points)  
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Smoke weed and code, drink, call my gf, browse social media, listen to music. Sometimes I do that all at once

answered by N00b 3.0 (990 points)  
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To sit with a steaming cup of tea in my hand, looking out on the night sky through my window and just sit and ponder about life and all things i hold dearest and what i want to do and accomplish in the future.

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I love taking care of my plants, specially the illegal ones

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xnss.com here we go again mmmmm

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overthink myself lol

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My eighth grade English teacher said after food and shelter humans require love to survive. At the time I assumed she ment love from another person and disagreed. Fifteen years without and still kicken. Do believe it's your definantion of the l-word that has the answer. Do I love what I do when I'm alone instead of what do I love when I'm alone makes more sense to me personally.. Your question implys one has to love and I'm still not so sure about that.

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Sing and dance

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