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How easy do you think it is, for a child born in 2019, to be brought up without having a smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected device? Aside from the question of whether it's a good idea or not, I am wondering if it's practical in the first place.

For example, do schoolchildren these days require smartphones or similar gadgets to access teaching materials? Do pretty much all 5-6 year olds have access to the internet in their pockets?

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probably won't be easy, but don't give in to the challenges. it's so worth it, for a child it's nothing but bad influence.

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Smartphone or any internet connected device are part of us now and the new gen will sure need them more than we ever did. There is this race or should I say competition that is unknown or unseen to the most everyday users, it's the race of a technology among the nation and the companies around the globe.That race will consume everybody from the day one is born. Its almost impossible to escape from that.

The basic nature of human beings is to find or search the things that makes their life easier and smartphone is one in the top so to brought up the kid without those is tough luck.

Yes and no is the answer of your question,yes they sure will need internet but no not in their pocket 24/7.

That part of answer is only for the kids that are born privileged. There is still part of the world where it is not only practical but there are no other options. We all live in this one giant globe where in one end we are discussing if it is even possible to raise the kids without internet or smartphone while some kids on other end will never see one in their lifetime.

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I think the greatest difficulties experienced would be social. Not that they wouldn't develop social skills, but they would feel and likely be looked upon differently by their peers. They could possibly feel disconnected and may even feel like an outcast. People are generally judgemental, especially around certain ages. This isn't necessarily a reason to give a child a smartphone (quite the opposite) but it is a point of discussion.

It's probably not practical to completely isolate them from the internet. Today's education system relies heavily on computing, so any student will encounter internet-connected devices sooner or later. It's best in my opinion to introduce it to a child as a tool that can be used for both productivity and recreation. Making it a 'forbidden' thing will only increase the appeal. The key is balance. While they should know how to use computers to accomplish necessary tasks, it should not be the focus of their existence. Balance should not be first mentioned within the context of computers, but rather taught as a central tenet of the human experience. Someone who already understands the importance of balance will be able to use computers responsibly. With that said, people will do what they want to do lol.

I can't speak to all 5-6 year olds, but I will say that the ages at which children are using or being given devices of their own is decreasing. Until it's an absolute necessity I'd recommend waiting on a smartphone. That kind of connectivity/accessibility has proven to be a double-edged sword for adults, let alone children. They should have access (controlled by an adult) to a wifi only device such as a laptop that can be used at home. You can prevent them from installing software, allow/block certain domains, and so on if you have basic working knowledge of computers.

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My sibling is 7 and has to do online homework all the time. They need internet in this day and age

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i agree

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Many thanks for your answers. Just to clarify, I wasn't thinking of isolating my children from the internet, only from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. I think it's fine for them to access the internet on a desktop PC, for example, or a laptop, as long as there is some kind of restriction on the sites they can access. However I don't want them to be constantly WhatsApping people or sharing every single detail of their lives on Instagram, Twitter, or whatever site is fashionable these days.

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Children have been raised without cell phones for years. I don't think it's any problem for a child to not have one at an early age. When they get older, they could be given a phone with parental controls or something to use for communication or emergencies. A child really does not need free access to the entire internet, though. I personally think it's crazy that 8 year olds are addicted to their Snapchat and Instagram accounts where they are communicating with random strangers.
When it comes to schooling, schools these days will provide the necessary devices should they require them for educational purposes. Yes, having a phone can be convenient, but I would guess that 99% of the use of the phone will not be for school.
But when it really comes down to it, it all depends on the parenting. A parent may choose not to give a child a phone at a young age for various reasons, or a parent could give them a phone with parental controls and filters, or just give them a fully stock unlocked phone without limits. What's really important in all cases is that a parent needs to sit and talk to the child and explain to them what's on the internet and the dangerous things that exist here. Not just once, but check on them all the time. They should be educated on how to be safe and responsible on the internet, just as the parent teaches them how to live in the real world. Things like not talking to strangers, having strong passwords, and being cautious about what they publicly post are the basic things to know for anyone using the internet. Limiting time is also a good way to reduce addiction to their phone, and don't be afraid of them screaming if you have to take their phone away.
So yeah, if you're a parent, do what you think is right. Just make sure you get the parenting right first to teach them good ethics and proper netiquette.
But hey, that's just my opinion; I'm just a random flapdoodle on the internet.

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