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Sodium mercury amalgam + iodomethane seems like the only reasonable formula I’ve come across but does anyone have any resources on mercury compounds and synthesis?

I am very aware of dangers of this chemical
No I do not have malicious intent, making dangerous chemicals is exciting for me, and I will properly dispose of what I make. I wouldn’t be making a substantial quantity anyway. As I have no use for this chemical and there’s not many practical uses for it either.

Any resources and books would help

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Are you sure about handling that particular substance?

Because it is quite a few steps beyond just dangerous. It is extremely lethal, even in very small amounts. In fact, even just inhaling its odor can potentially be lethal.

For an example of just how lethal, see this story:


She died 10 months after getting just a single drop of it on her latex gloves. It passes right through and that single drop was more than enough to cause such widespread systemic issues that she simply died as a result.

Assuming you are being truthful in your claim that you have no malicious intent, it would be my recommendation to toy around with other, considerably less dangerous, substances.

I’m sure. I’m very well of the KW story, and understand that it is permeable through rubber gloves.

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just do a quick search on google scholar

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