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So let's assume I have a diy bite sleeve on and the police dog attacks that hand.I barely feel any pain and I pull out a knife with my other hand.Where do I stab the police dog to kill it if it's wearing a vest?

asked in World, government, and law by N00b 3.0 (610 points)  

Where I live a police dog is considered an officer. Do you want to do big time for assaulting or killing an officer?

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If you were to pull out a knife on a police dog the officer would see you as a threat and immediately handle the situation as he/she sees fit (capping your ass). But to answer the question stab it on the front side of the throat where the human jugular would be. The police dog will release it's grip because most trained dogs aren't meant to take that kind of pain. I'd recommend instead spraying the dogs eyes with pepperspray or hairspray and firmly punching its snout. Then fucking run

answered by N00b 3.0 (990 points)  
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