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I've been using Tor and browsing the deep web a good bit for 2 and a half weeks, how long have you been using the deep web and do you recommend any sites?

asked in Other by N00b 101 (50 points)  

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A few weeks. However I used to be on the internet in the early 1990's, when pretty much all of it was darknet :-)

answered by Novice (1,000 points)  
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Today's Log
I have forgot how long I have been here, this void of dark web has consumed me fully. I do not know how long I have been browsing DW. Many good sites I know have been perished right infront of me, I do not know how long I will be here. Yeah that's it for today.

answered by Novice (1,235 points)  
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5 hours

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I've been using Tor for a couple years, and Freenet and i2p for what feels like forever. Met a lot of nice people, met a lot of not so nice people

Happy Hacking :)

answered by N00b 3.0 (990 points)  
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I stumbled across some messed up viral sites like, rotten.com early 2000s but I was just a stupid primary kid with hopeless guidance and no idea. It's been almost 2 decades now and just over 24 hours of good guidance and I'm besides myself. Have I missed the boat or did I just make it?

answered by N00b 101 (20 points)  
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I have been here 4 or 5 years? Something like that. I was on TDL and i used the puzzle-maker and fresh onions, But that might seem foreign to you.

Anyway do i recommend any sites?

Here is not evil a search engine http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/

ni-chan http://nichank62kpkrxvg.onion/ (at your own risk, image board)

Visit tor http://visitorfi5kl7q7i.onion/links/ ( a link dir)

And one bit of advice for a long time user of dw.
People usually don't give out links like this.
You have to hunt for them!

And everything is a scam or a meme on here!


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At least eight years. Most of the good sites are gone or unreliable.

answered by N00b 101 (220 points)  
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Maybe a 2 years, i don't know. I was curious about the DW stuff and one day i just downloaded Tor browser and started to surf. There are a lot of good peep, but there are a lot of not that good peep. Surf at your own risk. Often things here are something like meme or scam.

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