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I am looking for instructions on how to create counterfeit barcodes for retailers (Walmart,Target). I want to be able to make a barcode that will ring up as the actual product in the stores system but with an edited price.

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What you're trying to accomplish would require modification of the database they're using for inventory and pricing information. As you might imagine, large retailers such as the ones you've mentioned go to great lengths to protect the integrity of this information.

Barcodes are encoded numbers that are scanned and then used to perform a database query that asks "what item is this and how much does it cost?" They don't contain any information other than the item number since they're static and prices are dynamic. A database query is a necessary step in the process and is what you'd have to compromise to accomplish your goal.

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You wont be able to do what you are talking about, how ever there may still be hope. If you could find out how there system work and what all the keys do . like madeinchaos said barcode are just number, but the how they get the number in to the computer is that the barcode "number" is a key on the keyboard. the bardcode mosly use # but you could encode other keys ex (F2,WIN-R,Power) or what ever you want. This will work on most but not all barcode scanner so just mess around and see what you can do . maybe you can change the data base from there but idk.

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