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I 3 days ago buy of hidden24 market an pay complete but support market say to me near future send feedback but until now no anybody reply to me.
I want know hidden24 scammed of me or true?
Please help .

asked in Markets by N00b 101 (140 points)  

2 Answers

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I will follow your update status in the next few days. Because I also want to know if you have been cheated.

answered by N00b 101 (20 points)  

I bought 5 days ago and choose shipping overnight but now not reply.

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You've been scammed. Stick to well known markets and vendors. The community is your friend.

answered by Jesus 20k (20,015 points)  

Because I don't know who market is scam or who is not?
Do you know who's Market is true? not scam? If you know any market is true please say to me

i would also like to know that