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... thats the question.

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Porn Download Websites. or Put Them In "Cracked Games"

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This one will easily fool little kids.

Make the trojan program so it starts as soon as someone opens it and then displays the message "This application is not supported on this version of Windows".Then change the icon to the Minecraft icon.Then make a video on YouTube about how to get Minecraft for free.Put the program on some download website like MediaFire and give download link.Play Minecraft in the video so if a little kid is watching they will think it's legit.Also be sure to state that the program only runs on Windows.Remember:little kids are kind of dumb so they won't suspect anything when the "message" appears.

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According to a top Google/DuckDuckGo search, most viruses are downloaded from spoofed emails with downloadable attachments, or sites that allow malicious file uploads like MediaFire or SourceForge. Another common way is through cracked games websites. Getting a spam bot to send mass email's to spread a virus or malicious link is very common and simple. Or go with the Gentoo approach and do password guessing on random GitHub accounts and replace repos with malicious code

Happy Hacking :)

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