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I was waiting for a parcel a couple of months ago. This parcel had tracking and got stuck at customs for two months now. I have since then received another parcel from a different country but had no news from the first one. My hope is that perhaps people working at the post office stolen the parcel knowing what was inside, but what if that wasn't the case? What can I risk here? Anybody got any similar experience? Stuff is for personal use but that is annoying nevertheless..!

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I would never ship anything to my personal house or if I do then ship it to my home address using a different name on the package.

I wouldnt risk it. customs takes forever. you may get the package eventually.

Personally I'd move

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Contact the company that was responsible for the mail and tell them about the situation asap.
Misplacing a parcel is a common thing at customs so the faster you contact them the more chance you have of getting it back.

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It's not a crime for something illegal to be addressed and shipped to you. This is referred to as circumstantial evidence. Not incriminating on its own, but enough circumstantial or corroborating evidence can and has been enough to convict.

I think it's most likely that your package was flagged by customs, not stolen by someone who knew what was inside. The main risk you have is building a pattern of circumstantial evidence that can be used against you. Multiple packages seized will draw unwanted attention to the address and I'm guessing you personally. Likelihood increases with the number of packages ordered. This can lead to surveillance, controlled delivery, and other methods meant to prove that you have knowledge of the package and its contents. Unless your OPSEC is strong, they will gather enough to convict you.

It's generally safer to order domestic. Customs brings a lot of additional scrutiny. You may also want to consider the address burned and find a better method for receiving packages. There's plenty of information available on the topic.

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