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asked in Sex and relationships by Vanguard (31,100 points)  

The kind who does not crawl for money.

slim but not too slim like naked bones, perfect shape, average boobs not too big, average buts not too big, beautiful smile, nice eyes, white or asian.

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Ones that were actually born female.

answered by Apprentice (3,810 points)  

The right answer!


I probably wouldnt be suprised when, in the future, you have to ask if they're "trans or cis" during a date. What a clown world we're living in honk honk

Those are my favorite as well.

My preference is for trans, especially asians

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Big boobs, big butt

answered by N00b 101 (30 points)  
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the ones with attitude!

answered by N00b 2.0 (270 points)  
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I mostly take what i can get, since i can't get any mostly. But if i had to choose.

My prefect girl.

Redhead, blue eyes, thin but not anorexia thin, big pussy, wears glasses.

answered by Master (8,670 points)  
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Not the most handsome myself, so I dont get to choose. I get chosen usually.

Its like the used car market under 3000 bucks, if you want a good deal you have to make a LOT of compromises. You get the color thats available, the a/c maybe works, some small rust here and there etc.

But my dream woman would have these traits:
.Around 5.7 feet tall
.Black hair
.Really bright blue eyes, almost grey
.a dominant personality (I like subduing dominant women, kinda sick I know)
.And no extremes in weight (skinny or fat)

answered by Apprentice (3,390 points)  
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average looking, knows english, or atleast a second language, and one that loves me dearly.

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I like men so...

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The tough one.

answered by N00b 2.0 (300 points)  
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White with a tan, blond hair, blue eyes, skinny and fit(not anorexic), slightly above average sized ass, b/c cup boobs, minimal attitude.

answered by N00b 101 (80 points)  
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White, younger (18-25), no taller than 5', slim, flat chested, small hands, and small feet (no larger than size 5 women's US). She should be a sub/slave/little by nature not by design. She wants to always be dressed up. Not in a play fashion but wants to look good all the time...no frumpyness. Then of course I have to be attracted to her personality. Fun loving, very intelligent, strong opinions, drive both professionally and sexually. She has to be able to be in her little character but also able to converse and have adult level fun/work/vacation/etc as well. Basically out of 9 billion I am looking for the person 9 billion plus one lol.

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I'm not really into getting a GF but the women I usually like are the ones with normal breasts.I can't fucking stand women with giants tits.I don't know why men like them I fucking hate them.Anyways besides that,a normal ass,not too overweight,and not trying to be an Instagram thot.

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Well I think I like red haired ones
And maybe also not speaking the language as most, so dialect or accent

answered by Master First-Class (16,895 points)  
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i thinkhe should always take care of me and respect me.

answered by N00b 101 (20 points)  
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The one kind who is feminine and kind to me, but masculine and cruel to others.

answered by Novice (1,280 points)  
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Umm big arses, black hair and almond-eyes

answered by Veteran (5,700 points)