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pretty sure that's impossible

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Dude, remove the pussy from the pedestal.
Of course they get rejected by some, just as men get.
They are of the same race, just people, dont idolize or deify anything.

answered by Apprentice (3,410 points)  
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Of course, I did, myself, twice so far.
1st time was 15 years ago and the 2nd time was over last year. Both were decent looking girls as I was not engaged with anyone in both cases. They were up for any kind of relationship I'd wanted and obviously falling in love with me. Sadly, I wasn't.
I hope this answered your question. Good luck!

answered by N00b 101 (80 points)  

what a pretentious prick you are...if you were near me i would smack you up good......what a fuckin faggot

I don't see what brings you out of yourself sweetheart. maybe you need to get some sleep, maybe you need to grow up a bit. Who knows?

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I am thoroughly puzzled by this question. Has the Recruit Difficulty For Women reached a point where it is simply expected of men to always accept a woman's advances? If so...facepalm.

Obviously women get rejected. Not to sound too harsh but if you're an obese, smelly, troll of a woman you're going to get rejected by the vast majority of the male population. Men, as much as women do, do like physical attributes.

Physical attributes are among the first and the most foremost to be noticed by the opposite sex. And obviously some internal judgement is already taking place based on those attributes. This is perfectly normal, it is simply biological in nature. It is nature passing judgement. Not the human passing judgement.

We're animals. As much as any other animal. So, yeah... perfectly normal for women to get rejected. Happens on a daily basis, across the globe, to hordes of women.

answered by Apprentice (3,810 points)  

This sure is right.
Besides there are still some physically attractive people (boys and girls) being rejected too but I wouldn't lie saying both statistics look hardly the same XD

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It was in the Bible, I believe. Guy called Joseph.

answered by Novice (1,000 points)  


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Sure, me.
I still regretting, and she still remember and wants to kill me.

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Yes, it happens all the time. Though they aren't often directly rejected because they are more subtle when it comes to seduction and less likely to put themselves out there like men. With that said, women are indirectly rejected constantly. Attraction as it's understood by men is closely related to physical attributes, which explains why they often approach a group of women and ignore all of them except the one they fancy. While this is not a sound strategy to attract the desired woman, it is processed as rejection by the ignored women.

answered by Jesus 20k (21,375 points)  
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I rejected all who wanted me, and i got rejected by all i wanted.
Which made me question, should i try to love someone who loves me but i don't, or love someone who doesn't love me but i do.

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Sure, I 've done so may times, it's quite common

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I've rejected women before. I just wasn't attracted to them. In a few I knew it would be just one bang and that's it which wasn't what I wanted at the time. In one other case that I've been thinking about lately for some reason, she was bat shit crazy.

If I wanted to track it, I've been rejected a hell of a lot more times than the handful of times I rejected someone else.

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