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Im a hippy, I love animals, but theres one idiotic neighbor who for 30 years already did the same story with three new dogs each time: gets a dog, plays with him when his small, and then locks away in a small outdoor cage for the rest of its life. Previous dogs didnt bark as much, but the new one is completely crazy and barks all the time. Not a problem for me but Im afraid its gonna effect my mothers health because shes very light sleeper and the dog wakes her up constantly. Talking to the neighbor is completely useless, and the laws wont help in my country, so the only way is to kill that dog, either way that dog is gonna live a hellish life so maybe there are some poisons i can spice meat with and throw it over the cage?

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you're gonna make a dog suffer a horrible death

you're a murder and a very bad person

May God have mercy upon your soul

Why don't you murder your mother??......problem solved you cruel man

So "I LOVE ANIMALS" eh? How bout grow up and deal with the dog owner then?

kill the guy less dog murder more people murder


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you're going to make a dog suffer a horrible death... for barking..... that's bullshit-

the dog isn't the problem dude, the dog is just a symptom of the problem.... you said it yourself, he continues to get these dogs and does the same thing..... so what makes you think he's not just going to get another dog and go thru the same thing again, and again, and again.....

or do you just intend to continue torturing these dogs to death until the neighbor gets tired of bringing in new dogs?..... or just until your mom suffers a painful and torturous death as a result of your karma catching up with you?..... the universe has a way of evening these things out y'know.

the dogs aren't doing anything wrong dude.... it's your neighbor that you should be dealing with.

steal the dogs, give them to other, decent people somewhere else, in another city..... burn your neighbors fucking house down, or poison him.... not the dog, the dog hasn't done anything to deserve that kind of pain and suffering.

whip his ass and take his dog... tell him that the beatings will increase with each new dog he acquires... and mean it.

poisoning the dog is a real pussy move.... deal with the problem, the dog is NOT the problem here.

there are plenty of actions that you can take that do not require you to torture an innocent animal.... but they do require you to deal with him... so, if you're too afraid to deal with the actual problem itself, instead of just a symptom of the problem... I mean, if you're not going to address the real issue, then you should pack up your mommy and move the fuck out, because the problem will NEVER change.

think man, and understand that the problem rests with your neighbor... so not dealing with your neighbor by poisoning the dog, is supposed to fix the problem you're having with the neighbor?... that just doesn't make any sense at all, does it?

man up, grow some balls and deal with HIM.... he's the problem-

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I do not know which country you live in and I really do not care to know nor do you want to tell me; as it's always a bad idea to set people on a path that might help identify you. Especially here on the dark net.

Having said that... I refuse to believe there is absolutely nothing that law enforcement can do about it. Most societies that do have generally available Internet connections, as your nation obviously does (since you're online) share similar laws on many fronts.

And the abuse of animals is frowned upon in most countries in the world today.

And even if law enforcement cannot help directly, I am sure there must be some sort of animal rights organization in your country. Most countries do have organizations such as, for example, the UK' RSPCA or the USA's ASPCA.

And if all else fails, there is even an international organization that performs a similar function. You can find them here -- https://www.spcai.org/contact (clearnet link).

TL;DR -- There are many, many resources for you to use before ever considering poisoning the dog. And even if ending the dog's life ends up being the only solution, there are more humane methods you could use than poison.

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What is wrong with you bro? Do you even human? How can you say you love animals and ask how to kill one in the same question? What country are you from? You must have laws against noise pollution or animal cruelty if it's locked up all day barking. If not then either tell the guy it's causing you a problem or move to somewhere that doesn't allow pets. My dog barks at anyone that comes down our street and it's pisses me off sometimes, i didn't try and stop her really until I heard my neighbor loose it one day and starting banging on the wall shouting "shut the fuck up" lol. Ive trained her now to stop barking when I say "enough". I'm glad he did that rather than kill my dog. Do something to piss him off everyday till he understands what you are feeling and trains his dogs. Play loud music Everytime it barks, take his parking space, slamming doors if you are connected is a good way to piss someone off. Use your dam brain man, if you kill the dog then I'd class your intelligence at the same level as the poor thing.

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Please do not kill that innocent dog!!!! What is wrong with you?

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Simply try to block the noise or confront your neighbour if it's effecting you that much maybe even move anything else will probably effect you or your surroundings badly at the end it depends on what's worth more

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just put human opiate medicine in meat and throw it. Please don't use anything else...

As for "good souls" that defends the dog. You are not in his position, you don't know if that neighbor is psychopath and really torture his dogs. So please give me a break about your moral compass because you don't know all the fact. It's smarter to give him right drug to kill the dog over to give something else that will make dog suffer...

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You know nothing either you great tit! You're not in his position! Guilty until proven innocent is not the way to end a life. I live next to a motorway, he should buy her some fucking earplugs....really. I'll fucking pay. Talking about killing a dog just because it's barking...cowards. Kill the dog with your bear hands, no weapons. Give him his/her their chance if anything. You sound both sound like you're from China anyway so no law about killing dogs.

first of all, no need to be racist. I don't know whats up with Americans about Chines, so chill out.

We don't know all the facts, so don't judge me nor him. Dogs are great animals but owners are much shittier then the dogs. It's not dog fault...

this is exact reason why we need better laws and better animal control. At a moment when this is fixed, people will stop taking revenge on dogs.

Making someone life miserable at age 90+ is even shittier then mistreating your dog

Racist? I'm just comparing you to the Chinese that slaughter dogs for food. They skin them alive and hang them on hooks. You ever seen hundreds of dogs with no skin trying to get free? I've seen alot of fucked up shit over the years but the one that burnt into my brain was a video of a chinese lady throwing a live dog into a boiling pot of water and then holding the lid down whilst it cries and struggled to break free...it didn't. These are just inhumane facts about their culture that I disagree with. So you can shove that racist card up your arse. And if you/anyone disagrees and still thinks I'm a racist then fuck it, i'm a proud racist lol.

I don't understand how you've connected Chines to me nor to this topic.

If you would ever travel to China, you would understand that it's just small minority that eats dog and most of Chinese disapprove that.

I'm carnivore and I'm assuming you are too. Would you call that hypocrisy that you think they are inhuman because they kill dogs for eating but at same time we kill another animals for eating.
Who decide which animal who can eat and who can not?

You don't understand how I connected you to the Chinese? You think it's ok to murder someone's pet dog...maybe you're worst than them and I'm insulting them with this comparison to you. At least they eat the meat. Anyway you totally missed my point, I eat meat but I wont eat anything that has been cooked alive (lobster) or killed in a inhumane way (halal). I'll tell you one thing tho, you wanna come and try and kill my dog tough guy and you'll end up in her dinner bowl.

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Have you considered poisoning your Mom instead? It sounds like she's gonna to live a hellish life anyway, what with that dog keeping her awake.

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Visualize the dog screaming in pain after you poison him. What are you going to think about yourself? Are you just gonna pass thru the fear without any type of regret? Everyone has the right to live and dogs do too, so you will just pass the next months feeling a worthless inhumane piece of shit. What you suggest is the worst possible resolution to your problem. I'd suggest:

  1. talk to the owner and offer to take care of the dog (you can then take him to a new family)
  2. talk to your mother's medic, he can suggest sleeping pills or things like that
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Sorry dude, but you aren't a hippie. You are that kind of person who says:
"I'm not a nazi, BUT..."

You are not and will never be a hippie. You are just a little psycho who can't handle situations. You are a coward for even thinking about to kill an innocent animal.

You would kill the victim instead of the torturer?! And like you said. He will get a new dog you have to kill, and a new one, and a new one, ....

In my opinion you have three options here if you wanna kill someone.

  1. Poison your mother. She is already suffering...
  2. Poison your neighbour for obvious reasons. He is a POS and always will be
  3. Kill both because of the two reasons above
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I hate the people that say that you are a bad person, i definetly feel you, it's really annoying to have a dog barking 24/7. And you might not be capable of beating that guy up. The solution... idk maybe find someone that you can pay to do that for you... or you know you can do something else that doesn't include any of those. Maybe buy big speakers and fight fire with fire, play loud music at night, yes it will be annoying to you and your mother at first but it might make him do something about his dogs. Also you can get some Over The Counter sleeping peels for you mother such as Melatonin so that se has a deeper sleep. Look up on reddit or if you are bored of reading look up on youtube r/nuclearrevenge or something that has to do with revenge and take example from them. Really hope everything works out.

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To be honest I feel you, everyone loves animals more than humans , but if it’s truely the only way. I would go with the right drug to put the dog down, nothing than having something suffer. Depending on the dogs hunger level. Hot dogs and pills. But there is a chance the dog would just spit it out. So try a safe small pill that might not be noticed if it lays on the ground after the dog eats around the meal you provided.

Also it’s a dogs nature to bark , you could throw dog bones over to simply distract the dog from barking.

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chocolate I guess!

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Dogs don't stand a chance against chocolate.Give it a bar of bitter chocolate and he'd be gone

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Hello anonymous,

The top answers in this thread are correct (even though they're worded with anger fueled hatred). Killing this dog would not only be wrong, it's only a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. Since the owner has done this to many dogs, obviously he's using them as a cheap trespassing alarm, and so getting rid of one dog will most likely mean it will just be replaced with another one.

To fix the problem permanently, you'll need an advocate to deal with the owner directly and break the cycle of abuse (both to the animal and the surrounding community). First, get lots of good video of the dog barking and whimpering. It's easier to convince someone to help you and your mother if you can show them the problem. Edit the video to get the best 2 minutes of footage.

Then visit the local police and sit with them to discuss the matter. Bring up in conversation any local nuisance laws and/or animal abuse laws. When that fails, talk to someone in the local government (i.e. city council members, mayor's office, county commissioners, etc.) who can put pressure on law enforcement. Give them the name of the officer(s) you spoke to about the problem, and how the police won't do anything. People in charge love having good excuses to tell the police what to do, so give them one.

In addition, also contact the local TV station to see if they will do a special report on television. And contact any animal rights organizations in your area.

If all of that effort fails... you could try sneaking into your neighbor's yard when he's not home and allowing the dog run away. (And if the police catch you then you can say how you asked them for help, even spoke to government officials, but nobody will fix the problem so now you are desparate.) Or paying someone to come with a bolt cutter and do this for you. Perhaps then the owner will give up having dogs after he keeps losing one after another.

You can also consider moving to another home, but if that was easy for you then I'm sure you would have done it rather than consider the possibility of killing a dog to punish its owner.

Bottom Line: You need an advocate with clout to help you resolve the dispute with your neighbor directly, so that the problem get fixed once and for all.

Much luck to you.

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Chocolate! its simple

answered by N00b 101 (40 points)