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guys is this site scam?

iStore: http://deepmartyqzffl5n.onion/sellers/electronics-istore/

i found it on the hidden wiki 2020

what do you thnink?

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3 Answers

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Hi, dont buy anything there.
I know the site looks amazing as for darknet standards, nice reviews and everything but the're scammers. Their escrow is a joke, money just disappering.
I've placed one order, got scammed. That was differet vendor than istore bud i'd say there's one man/group of people behind it just taking advantage of naive customers.

answered by N00b 101 (90 points)  
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Hi my friend.
Don't buy of this market because I buy 10 days ago and pay complete but no anybody answer to me or reply .this market is scammer.

answered by N00b 101 (140 points)  
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It's definitely a scam. Most 'marketplace' sites in the Tor network are scams. Especially vendor shops, but there are scam markets too. Don't ever pay money through a site you found on hidden wiki. Take steps to verify authenticity and legitimacy of the sites you visit.

answered by Executive (26,450 points)