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So i am looking for a drug that will get me poisoned and end up in hospital and is able to be treated with low cost.
It will be a theme of suicide attempt failure.
I don't want to actually die nor giving my family a huge pressure i just want to let them notice me and actually cares about my situation.
So this drug must not be so painful and it will be easily made or bought through the darknet.
It will be best if anything in my house is soft but poisonous.
And I am also searching for any euthanasia drug or drugs combinations that can be bought easily online. Something like fentanyl, nembutal, seconal. And preferably low cost.

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I edited the title of your question... changing it from "Attempting Suicide".... the original title was deceptive and did not accurately reflect your goals as described in the body of your question-


May your family be bereaved of you.

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just don't think about that
and why do you think your parents aren't giving you much attention

answered by N00b 101 (20 points)  
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just overdose on a fuck ton of ibeprofine, probably won't die but your liver will get a bit fucked up and in the hospital you'll most likely get your stomach pumped.

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Assuming this is genuine, you will probably end up being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.


People who self harm without really intending to kill themselves will be seen as attention seekers.

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just take a bottle of pills that are around the house (like tylenol or ibuprofen as suggested by someone else) poor half the bottle out into the trash and take the other half (determine the mg per pill and look up the max dosage of the pill. take a few more than max dose. for example to be considered an overdose on benadryl you only need to take around 10 pills (the kind that each pill is pre-packaged). Then lie down somewhere noticeable like your room with your door open on the floor, or on the couch, with the pill bottle in hand or on the floor next to you. If for some reason the medication you chose you have high tolerance or is not that intense pretend to be in a daze but not passed out. slow your words and jumble your sentences. when someone asks if you took pills just say yes. dont pretend to be unconcious, just dazed. When medical professionals (paramedics/doctors) come to you and take you to the hospital when they ask you if it was an attempt on your life say yes. you will most likely attend a stay at a psych ward (depending where you live) for around 7 days.

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I've tripped on benadryl 4 times and I all I can say is that it's gonna take a lot more to make you OD than just 10 pills. When I tripped I would take anywhere from 600-900 mg. Thats around 25-35 pills and I was fine.

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Honey, I know this is not what you want to hear, but please first talk to them first! Make sure you're really clear on that you've reached your limit and you need more of their attention and love!

If you still want to do this, just get a bottle of dangerous pills like Tylenol or whatever was named here before and spread them out over the bathroom sink, the floor, and your bed. You just take one or two and act lethargic or unconscious. Your parents will get a horrible shock and you do no unintended permanent harm to your body.

Just know that even when it feels like NO-one cares about you, if you open up to someone, you'll find that almost everybody will want to help you and care for you. I'm glad you reached out first before doing something drastic. Please be safe and if you want to talk, send me a PM.

Take care

answered by N00b 101 (40 points)