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Under what kind of circumstances might one face a lengthy stay in a psychiatric hospital? (aside from an insanity plea, of course)

This is more of a matter of genuine curiosity than a potential action. But lets say for instance, someone who has a history of local, shorter term hospital stays woke up one day and said, "Hey, im going to fake my way as deep into the system as humanly possible and get a commitment to a state hospital,)? Say they're trying to minimize the possbility of their mental health issues leading to their family taking control of their life in the name of 'being a caring family member, for instance. Let's say for instance that such an outcome would surely result in some kind of resurgence of abuse from child/teen years, and they've also decided that they want longer term, albeit lifelong psychiatric help, or at least to be far away from society? Would that be something to go to a hacker for? to submit some kind of false flag mental health report about their well being to local authorities or something?
(also let me say that by 'the system' im referring to hospitals and mental health institutions, NOT jail/prison)
like, what would need to happen in order to be whisked away on a hold? (if it were to be purposeful, of course)

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speaking purely hypothetical for a moment... no one should aspire to this. ever. because it is stigmatic in nature. much like having a prison record... having a psychiatric record is something that will leave a mark on life that simply cannot be removed. anyone interested in such a solution to escape a potentially harmful situation should look for other solutions. there have to be solutions to such potentially harmful situations that would not require being labeled mentally unstable for the remainder of ones life for. because that would be the end result... being labeled.

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From my own personal experience, the most effective way to find yourself institutionalized is to make it clear to a professional that you are at risk to yourself and those around you. Typically I would suggest making a trip to your local accident and emergency department and when there tell them that you are suffering with your mental health drastically to the point you want to commit suicide. When speaking to a health care professional it is important that you continue to share your wishes of being suicidal (even if you are not) and usually referring to methods of suicide or research into the topic area are alarm bells for any professional working in the mental health sector. If you want to be committed for psychiatric help I cannot stress enough that you must make any professional you speak to aware that if left on your own you may harm yourself or even others around you - if you are considered to be a significant risk, especially of deliberate harm to yourself it is general mental health policy to section the person and these laws change by country so research may be useful. From my own knowledge a person can be institutionalized for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 3 months (this can be reevaluated after the 3 months have passed for example leading to a longer institutionalized period.

I know you say this question is mostly curiosity, but I honestly and truly hope that if you feel unwell enough to want to be committed to a psychiatric institution that you can get all of the help and support to guide you through this awful time. To anyone reading this post and looking for answers, admission to a psychiatric setting may be extremely beneficial to you to undergo such regular and intense psychotherapy. Best wishes and dont be afraid to talk to someone or ask for help - people cannot know you are suffering if you do not speak up!

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I've been hospitalised in both the US and Europe. On both occasions it was voluntary (somebody didn't commit me, I went in myself). I needed medical help.

The trick to getting medical help is to state you are a danger to yourself or in extreme circumstances others. But stating you are a danger to yourself at your local A&E should do it.

It's much better to commit yourself to treatment rather that have someone else like your family do it. If they do it they control the outcome. I wasn't suicidal when I went for treatment just psychotic but I got the help I needed.

Hope this helps.

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