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as the title suggests, if i snuck sugar into his meals in high flavor foods like gumbo

if it actually would do anything, how long would it take, assuming each day i sneak around 30 to 50grams of regular white sugar.

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You could but it would raise some eyebrows.
Most likely you would end up being a suspect. Even worse if your relation to the victiom is known to be bumpy.

You people need to hire a pro and let it be done that way.

ur clearly after the will-#sickmofoe

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It would really surprise me if they wouldnt notice somethings up in time so probably a very bad idea

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Id rather suggest messing with their insulin dosage,BUT not to decrease it, if you make that person inject too much insulin, they will go "lights out" in a minute after injection, and then become comatose. death could occur within a couple of hours up to a day, the person will actually be in a coma all the time, thus unable to speak.
just unbeknownst to them replace the syringe or the insulin cartridge with a bigger one. depending upon the age, overall cardiatric health status, upto 4 times the prescribed dose, will knock the person out.

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