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It's just me and my dad, we live alone, he divorced my mom about 5 years ago. My father abused me sexually when I was younger and I want him dead so I can inherit his assets and start a new life.

He isn't a smoker but I want to poison him with concentrated nicotine in his coffee.
If I'm right, he'll die in 15 minutes to 4 hours upon ingestion from nicotine overdose.

I've thought of three ideas but I'm too inexperienced to know what would happen. The main goal is to "get away" with the homicide as natural death or death by drug abuse and have no problems inheriting all his assets.

Leave his corpse on his bed and "discover" it the next day and call the police. He's old (mid-fifties) so there could be a chance they won't perform an autopsy and just say a heart attack happened. If they do ask, I could lie about him being a heavy smoker and place cigars and cigarettes in his car and room, but again, I'm not sure what could happen.

Another idea is to put his corpse into his car, (without fingerprints of course), drive it to a place his usually goes to, move his corpse to the drivers seat, and let someone else discover it. Where again, I'm not sure if there would be an autopsy or not, it would I would have an alibi, of visiting my mother for a few days. I could also misdirect this homicide by slitting his corpse's throat and leave his car door open and escape at night, where there are no cameras.

And finally the last idea is just hiding his body in a secluded area, file a missing persons report, and wait a while to get his death certificate.

What could I do better, which plan seems the best way for the end goal of getting away with it and inheriting his assets?

Which plan, and what can I do better to maximize my chances of getting away with it?
New ideas are also welcome.

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Nicotine is a terrible idea.
But poison is a decent one.

Digitalis is the best one.

Why don't you hire someone to do that for you. Someone experienced.

I understand you're frustration that's really make you mad and also I do, But for me killing or posioning is not the way. Your life would be more worst than what you have now. Police can easily find suspect especially nowadays. Just get rid of him stay away or find a partner and live in a better place. Your question broke my heart. I am a bad person and I wont deny that but the thing is I still have HEART.

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you will be apprehended, and it won't take long.....primarily because of all those preconceived notions about homicide investigations that you have in your head.... sorry but, they're pretty much all wrong...

when a reasonably healthy man in his mid-50's suddenly kicks, it's absolutely considered premature death, or 'dying YOUNG'..... so absolutely an autopsy will be performed, it must be in order to determine manner and cause of death...

your assumption that the police/coroner/etc will look down at a dead man in his mid 50's and they'll just chalk it up to death by old age or some shit, is just not plausible, in fact, it's a ridiculous belief, not based anywhere in reality...

your 'concentrated nicotine in his coffee' scheme, will be quickly detected by your intended victim about 1/2 of a second after that shit hits his tongue..... if someone told you home-brew nicotine concentrate is tasteless, they lied, lol......

also, you should be aware that medical examiners have caught-wise to the concentrated nicotine tactic..... it's not difficult to detect, and in a suspicious death, it's not only highly likely that the substance will be detected... i would bet money on it .

now, if you want to talk about some realities about homicide investigations, lol.........

the first suspects are always those closest to the victim and/or those who stand to benefit, especially financially from the death of the victim.... that happens to be the very first thing taught about conducting homicide investigations...

now, since you don't have any better knowledge or understanding about forensics than you do autopsies, concentrated nicotine or homicide investigations... i feel comfortable in saying, his body will probably still be a little warm to the touch when the judge remands you to the county jail w/o bail, to stand trial on 1st degree homicide charges...

you should wait a couple of years before murdering your father..... and during those years, you should forget everything you've seen on TV and in the movies about murders, poisons, autopsies, evidence collection and homicide investigations..... and do a coupla years worth of reading and real research into the topics.... because frankly, you don't know shit and you WILL be caught because you don't know shit...

when considering an action which could quite possibly send you 'up the river' for life w/o the possibility of parole, you really should have a better understanding of the processes involved... because as it stands right now, you're a homicide investigators wet dream... a slam-dunk, so to speak, lol-

but what do i know, right?.... go ahead, do it, i'm sure you'll be fine-

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Once again it has to be said: real life murder cases are not like an episode of Colombo. The chances of making a real murder look like an accident are virtually zero with modern forensics. Prepare to drop the soap in the shower with Bubba for the rest of your life if you don't believe this.

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tf ma'am just leave your house, find a job, new freinds and new life, and let your dad die slowly and alone, karma exist.

Even if he deserves to be murdered you can't leave for too much with that blood in your hands, mental health is worst than karma trust me lol, so if you wanna see your dads fucked up try to incriminate him with some evil and smart plan, don't be dumb.


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Hello, I hate rapists and I am really angry that you have to suffer this. The justice system is flawed so he is probably going to walk away without sufficient proof. I believe that some people in this world need to be taken out because they are pieces of inhuman filth that don´t deserve a second chance.

The best idea I can give you is either put a sleeping aid in his drink or wait until he is drunk enough and place him inside a car. Then proceed to place a heavy object on the accelerator while the car is on park and let him suffocate with the monoxide in a parking garage. You can always say or blame that your dad is a drunkard or say that he has sleeping problems, so he went out to buy some cigarettes and feel asleep on the wheel. Accidents happens darling.

Always helping


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this is, making sense....

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Watch every single episode of Forensic Files before executing this murder. I am being serious. Modern day forensics are frighteningly effective. To succeed in this endeavor, you must craft a situation that is "realistic." What you could do is place hallucinogenic drugs into his food to deplete his sanity- convincing everyone that he has gone off the rails- and then stage his suicide.

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Do it, I want to see your mugshot on the news lol

your better off just telling the police what he did to you. If you live in america or any western politically correct country, they'll believe you completely.

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Okay here are some guesse, your emotional not very stabel.
Your dad is healthy. Your mum knows about the abuse and
would figer something out.

Under these circumstance your chance of getting away with
it is low!

If the police is a lazy one man show, the docs are realy dont
know what they are doing and nobody visits you.
Chances are better, but you have to be a true psycho to kill
some body coldblooded!
I mean it literaly! A PSYCHO

Anyway some tips:
-do not take nicotine!
-do not try to hide the body it allways gets out if the body is
-do not try to attack your dad in a physical way!
-use something like Digitalis thapsi
a common plant not traceable studie doses carefully!
-or for the bad boy Ricinus
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricinus again this is
highly toxic studie doses carefully!

Again dont do this, dont wast your time with a prick in a hous,
come back with your family when he is dead (naturaly and
not by you)!
You cant tell anyone how he was when you killed him!
Do what you have to and stay in law!

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just leave none of those are good scenarios for you ...YOU WILL GET CAUGHT ,,, just run away maybe with a friend , someone else will take care of him and its best that youre not around when he does

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To answer your question, NO! that would not hold in any court of law and you'd be held in custody immediately for lack of alibi firstly and worst of all possessing a strong motive for the cause of death.

Your lack of information according to his mental and physical health, work and social life, criminal history etc... makes it very difficult to even consider killing him, murder is not something that is done the next day after and your plan looks like something thought of overnight.

If your father is a law abiding normal citizen yet a rapist then do not perform the murder personally, let someone else do it, and NO by that i do not mean hire a contract killer, remember you still have a strong motive. By someone else i mean ruin his life financially, lead him towards a desperate move like loan or insurance that no bank would consider him liable because of his current situation so he takes a loan from a gang or loan shark. No way to pay it back that way the mobsters will kill him if he doesn't kill him self first. Ive done something similar to this, not going to give you any name.

Its a time consuming and expensive process with weeks if not months of research, so ask yourself if he is really worth all the trouble. Now If you want his assets sit down and make yourself comfortable because its going to be a hell of ride. My advice: Hire someone who can deal with this for you and be patient.

I am not available for hire! Good luck ma'am.

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look bro, i respect your will to get a revenge, but don't kill him, killing someone is something big, wait him in a dark & empty place in the street that you know that he will passe by it, then come from behind and hit him with a baseball bat in his back ( not his head because the goal is hurting him and take out ur anger and see him get hurting as how he hurt your fellings and not killing him ), hit him in his back, her ass, her legs, her hands until you take out all your anger and it's not a problem if you break his bowns, but be sure to not hit him in his head or killing him, then go away and move on, if he call the police and they caught you, you can tell him the real story and why you did that, and i'm sure that they will understand you, and even if you go to jail you will not do a long time, because of your story, and they will even help you in your life and help you to move on, and also put him in jail,

do listen to those fuckers that they tell you move on without a revenge and get a new life and leave him for the karma, karma is a bitch you should treat her as a bitch if you want her to be in your side, so get your revenge bro, but be smart and don't kill him.

i wish that can help you.

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Make it look like he's hurting you by putting fake bruises done by yourself, then taunt him to hurt you, make someone record or you record secretly and send him to prison..

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