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I've been trying to secure myself after I realized how publicly available my old passwords are. Thankfully in most cases it doesn't matter even if a malicious party has your login details for a website, since if they're behind a new IP, it requires sending a verification email, and (almost) all email providers have two factor authentication.

However, there are some websites (imgur immediately comes to mind) that don't have this. I'm looking for other websites that are insecure that I might have made accounts on and forgot about. Do you know of any, especially ones that might have sensitive info? Thanks.

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Thats up to you my dear, I wouldn't use the same passwords nor email on sites I dont trust such as that. "Imgur" im pretty sure its full of these kinds of flaws. If you want to be secured you will have to gain access to whatever you feel important or "sensitive" and secure em. Fuck other sites. Id recommend reseting all passwords, and start new (: Makes a hacker job way longer than usual, and I dont think you're an important target "no offense" lol

answered by N00b 101 (140 points)