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I ordered Monkshood Seeds (Aconitum Napellus) to poison someone, I don't have the patience of a saint to grow them, so I was wondering if the seeds themselves are effective enough to commit homicide.

I can't say I know the amount that's needed, but what's a good approximation of seeds needed for a man of average weight of 150lbs (68kg)?

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I assume you intend to poison by consumption, then yes. The seeds are in fact poisonous. They can be administered by grinding about 20-30 seeds into a fine powder and hidden in food. However, the Aconitum seed is very distasteful and would be hard to not notice. If you are going to put it in food I'd recommend one with plenty of other seasonings. After, try to avoid consumption of any other foods or beverages cause this could "water down" the supplement.

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I see. So would mixing the powder with a bowl of chili or curry be optimal? Or would baking them in cookies or cinnamon raisin bread work without affecting the toxicity?

I'm not completely sure on if cooking the seed would activate or tamper with the poison, but your best bet would be to mix it in with food like chili or curry. Good luck

Thank you. It is appreciated greatly.