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So i am wondering these two things.

  1. I am currently a student. And in my school a lot of the girls are cutting themselves. And they seem depressed as fuck. And i want to help them but i don't know how. And they talk a lot about suicide. I am in a class with people with different kind of mental problems, so that can be why. But i have seen this outside of school too. Why? And how can i help them, at least the people i have some kind of social connection with. Most of them have been seeing a therapist. And they are saying it dosn't help. And that they hate their life. And they seem to only hang out with the people that feeds their depressed state. And not me! I want to help them and be nice with them. What can i do?
  1. I don't use social media. But when i met a girl on tinder. Who used snapchat only. I created a snap account. I used my phone number by mistake. And i did not connect it with any other social media account. Cuz i don't have any. And when i opened snapchat. It found all the people i knew years ago. ? How can that be? I did not give it access to my contacts. And i did not have them in my contacts anyway. But how can this happen?
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There is a bug with numbers...

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  • Teen cutting:
    Well, you know... the thing of it is, you're living in an age where people just jump on fads for no reason whatsoever. It could be that cutting is a fad at your local school. I find that a bit of an odd fad but, well... not willing to completely rule it out. How you can help them is by staying very far away from them. You have a big heart, you are a good person. But, that is not what they need. Those girls need a reality check.
    The only help that truly will help... is a mirror. The answer for those girls is within themselves. Really, trust me on that. They can only be helped once they acknowledge the fact they have an issue they need help with and the fact they're cutting tells me they haven't yet accepted the fact they have a problem. So, for now... just stay away from them. You will only end up hurting yourself emotionally if you try to help them.
    Or, to be more precise, they will hurt you emotionally by dragging you into whatever dark pit they're in.

  • Snapchat knowing you better than you realized:
    Are you really surprised anymore that these sorts of social media apps use advanced algorithms to learn more about you than you shared with them voluntarily? I can't say for certain how Snap managed to link you to those people from your past as I do not use Snapchat or Tinder but, I do not find it surprising at all. It could be based on email, on the phone number used. On your location. On lots of things. Best advice: Stay the hell away from any social media app, of any kind. Tinder was your first mistake, Snapchat was your second. Don't make any additional mistakes. Problem solved.
    "But how will I get laid if I can't use Tinder?"
    One word: Prostitutes, also known as hookers or working girls.

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because your ad id weirdly it holds your e-mails, for instance if your phone connects to your mom and she has it marked as son then they can find the sons name then all the information around the mom and son then connect them, its weird but that is how the goverment is working now