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I read the book and really i didn't find anything special , what i want to know is the version of history or the story of the universe and Earth , some science questions, from the others beings ( grays , reptilians , ....).
Hope for an answer about the subject, not something about me or my reading

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Hi there, I want to help you but I don't exactly understand what you want.

Thanks for replying, what i want to know is why he didn't mention anything about other beings or races older than our galaxy, and i 'm asking the question of what is the history of Earth and humanity from this extraterrestrial beings, A scientists like Hawking is close to the cercle of informations about the subject ( the true history of Earth ).
Now we have proofs of extraterrestrials contact from the ancients to this days,
Gov's , scientists, army keep that kinda informations top secret.

He did not mention extra terrestrial beings because he never had contct with them.
Extra terrestrials are not humanlike at all. They are not even like what we know about physics or chemistry. They are visible to us in form of light and they do not show themselves to many.
They look like tiny stars ( or white mice :-) floating and flying around and usuallly only one person can see them at a time. There are few recordings of them existing for example when a light form was engaging with a jetfighter and appeard infront of the whindshield for a few seconds. They do not really communicate with humans in any way they just appear for a few seconds and then disappear. You never see them again tvice in your life. The encounter with such lightforms is rather scary and not really communicative it is like getting hit by lightning.

This extraterrestrial beings deal with US deep state and other government organizations in Earth. And there are many races that comes from different places in universe, you know what that means? I just wanted to know the brief history of time from this intergalactic humanoids and other species.

This means that we are the aliens.

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Well considering you didn't get the title of the book correctly, maybe you should stick to reading about reptilians and the flat earth.

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I can understand why you are idiot but what i cannot understand is why you would put an idiot sandwich in your pseudo , i read the book

hahahahahaha..... +1

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all that he wrote was based only on his theories, each time he himself emphasized that he was not sure of them, a similar example of darwin, his visiting card: "something went wrong ......."

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Steven Hawkins work is full of discrepancies, including on a purely scientific level.
I wouldn't wast my time with his books.

Maybe you would be interested in:
Forbidden Archeology
Authors:Michael A. Cremo, Richard L. Thompson

What We Cannot Know: Explorations at the Edge of Knowledge
Author: Marcus du Sautoy

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