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Is it possible that life is deep, but not meaningful
because most of the time they either say it is both meaningful and deep, or they say it's neither
If yes, how?

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Possibly yes - but then again in the concept of time, what are we but grains in sand?

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you are the one who makes life feel meaningful or not , it's all about your perspective

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yes, it's possible......... but it's also possible, that just like all other things.. our total and complete 'meaning' or purpose in life, is to live, reproduce and die.....

that there are no meanings to our lives beyond that simple biological cycle, the same meanings that all other things that walk, crawl or fly also have.... but that we are the only living things that must believe/pretend to believe or assign, that our lives have, for some reason, more 'meaning' than the life of a common fruit-fly, or pine tree...

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Nice reference

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.You are the measure of everything that you have in life, only the things that are...in its rationale ... that is ... of what is corporeal.
.The human mindset, and generally speaking, the human being itself ... has the power / ability to alter the natural course of events in the natural world ... to transfigure them ... and fit them into their own life...
.The human being is free to do whatever he wants ... what prevents him sometimes ... is not having the will to do so ... or being afraid of it ... due to the lack of an innocent character.

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personally, a freshly loaded meth pipe after morning scrambled eggs and salty sausages with hot sauce, and sweet sugary chrysanthemum tea... or a cigarette in a damp back alley outside a dance club as your roll climbs higher.... or just the simple daily joint and brewskie after a long hard days honest work....

these things really make my life feel extremely significant.

meaningful to the max.

try not to compare eternity to passing seconds i guess is what i want to tell you

gl hf
take it easy

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If you believe in something life can be deep as fuck.
If you do not believe in anything life is pretty much worthless like shit.

answered by N00b 2.0 (420 points)  

Very true.